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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1078 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1078 Start

In the front-end time, the two of them were the same as their father Noah. They both hated her. The selfish mother who fled with money. After the hard life of this time passed, they often scolded her in their hearts.

But until today did they know that mother had a harder life than them, and much harder.

At most, the four of them suffered some crimes in the detention center, while Horiyah suffered extensive torture in the black coal kiln.

The Old Mrs. Willson on the side looked very ugly.

She didn’t sympathize with Horiyah’s experience, but sympathized with the money that Charlie had taken away!

At this moment, the Lady Willson walked towards Noah in anger, and slapped him severely in the face when he was unprepared.

With a snap, Noah was stunned.

He looked at his mother, exclaimed and asked: “Mom, what are you doing with me?”

The Old Mrs. Willson angrily scolded: “I’m hitting you, unfilial [email protected]! I told you a long time ago, give me the money, give me the money! If you want to play with me carefully, just grab it. With that little money, you didn’t let it go. What happens? The Willson family is over, with not a single penny to spend?”

When Noah heard this, he immediately lowered his head in shame.

If he had known that Charlie would get the money, he might as well give the money to his mother. At the very least, he could solve the difficulties of the Willson Group.

But at that time, he didn’t want to sink with the Willson Group, so he started thinking carefully.

But he didn’t expect to be self-defeating, beating his own wife, and hurting her…

When he thought of this, he was full of guilt for his wife, mother, and even the two children.

Thinking of his wife suffering so much, he felt even more uncomfortable, hugging Horiyah and crying bitterly.

Regnar walked up to a few people at this time and said in a cold voice: “It seems that you and Charlie both share the same vengeance. If I give you a chance for revenge, will you accept it?”

When Noah heard this, he suddenly blurted out: “Yes! I am willing! I want to tear Charlie [email protected] alive!”

The Old Mrs. Willson was a ghost, she had guessed that Regnar had found her family here just to let her family deal with Charlie. From this, it can be seen that he and Charlie must also have antagonisms.

As a result, the Lady Willson nodded again and again: “Mr. Regnar, as long as you give us a chance, we will definitely go all out to deal with Charlie!”

Harold said angrily: “If anyone gives me a gun, I will go and kill the [email protected] tonight!”

Regnar was very satisfied with the attitude of this family, what he wanted was this desperate heart that would kill Charlie.

So he smiled slightly and said: “I’m telling you, Charlie and I also have a deep hatred. I want to kill him personally. The enemy’s enemy is a friend. That’s why I called your family here. If you want revenge, too, Then you might as well cooperate with me.”

Old Mrs. Willson blurted out: “Mr. Regnar, just give your orders! What do you need us to do?”

Regnar said indifferently: “Charlie’s life, I will personally take it. As for you, I will send you back to Aurous Hill to help you solve all the other problems you are facing now. From then on, your goal is one. By all means, disgusting Charlie, let his family jump and distract him! Before I kill him, I will make his backyard catch fire!”