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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1075 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1075 Start

When Harold heard this, the other party directly refused to say that she was Dawson’s private flight attendant, with embarrassment on her face and jealousy in her heart.

The rich are indeed rich, not only have private jets, but also private flight attendants. This is really d*mn envy and hatred.

When can he get into this situation?

The stewardess ignored them, twisted her waist and went to the front cabin, while Dawson kept his eyes closed and rested, and he was too lazy to talk to the Willson family.

The Willson family also felt bored.

However, they were looking forward to their situation after arriving in Suzhou. Although they had not heard of Dawson’s name before, they had heard of Regnar’s name.

Regnar is the eldest son of the Wu family and the current heir. It can be said that he is the helm of the Wu family.

Don’t know what kind of high incense she burned, and she won the favor of the helm of the Wu family. Doesn’t it prove that the Willson family has come back to life?

Although the four people were speechless all the way, they had their own thoughts.

Suzhou is very close to Aurous Hill, and the plane can fly there in less than an hour.

So soon, the plane began to descend and then landed at Suzhou Airport.

After the plane landed, there were still two Rolls-Royce waiting here.

Dawson took one by himself and the four from Willson family took one.

Then the two cars drove non-stop towards the Wu’s villa.

At this time, Regnar was staring at the stock market with a green face.

As the Wu family’s reputation plummeted yesterday, it became the target of siege and scolding on the Internet. Several listed groups under the Wu family dropped their limits as soon as they opened for trading this morning.

The market has already panicked. Everyone is desperately selling stocks. So Regnar predicts that after the market opens tomorrow, the limit will continue to fall.

Even the day after tomorrow will be the same.

The market value of the Wu family must fall by at least 50% first.

If he can find an opportunity to revive the reputation of the Wu family, then this stock will still have a chance to rise. If he can’t find an opportunity to restore its reputation, then the Wu family may be ruined for good.

So the load on his shoulders is so heavy that he almost feels breathless.

And the Old Master is in a coma now, which makes Regnar feel that his heart is lost.

Looking at the top families in the country, most of them were founded by the older generation.

Both the Wu family and the Song family were the rich family business that the Old Master worked hard to produce when he was young.

And such families often have an awkward situation, that is, the next generation is not as good as the previous generation.

When the Old Master of the Wu family was young, he was a real hero. He didn’t dare to say that he could be ranked in the whole country, but in Aurous Hill, he was definitely a remarkable figure.

But when he arrived ti Regnar, his ability was much worse than the Old Master.

If Regnar is allowed to start from scratch, even if he uses all his strength for feeding, it is impossible to reach one-tenth of the Old Master’s.

Regnar is already like this, but his son is worse than him.

Take Wu Qi as an example. This little [email protected], except for picking up girls, spending money, and knows nothing. After raising him for more than 20 years, he has changed before he can contribute to the family. Become a sh!t-swallowing beast that eats a bubble of sh!t every hour.

And Roger, even if he was a little bit stronger than his brother Wu Qi, but his strength was limited.