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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1073 Free Novel

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Although she was puzzled in her heart, Mrs. Willson knew very well that it would be useless to think too much at this time, because she was already in someone else’s car, so it’s better to settle down and wait to see what arrangements the other party has.

Moreover, her instinct tells her that although the other party looks mysterious, it shouldn’t hurt her.

Because she is poor now and has nothing to do. If others want to harm her, she won’t have to spend so much trouble.

Thinking of this, the Old Mrs. Willson was also relieved.

So he simply sat in the car calmly, waiting to see what medicine the other party was selling.

Two Rolls-Royce drove directly into Aurous Hill Airport. In a small hangar at the airport, Wu’s Gulfstream aircraft had already parked here.

It was this plane that took Horiyah to Suzhou last night.

Early this morning, the plane took off again from Suzhou to Aurous Hill, ready to pick up the Willson family.

Seeing a private jet parked in front of her, Mrs. Willson was so surprised that she couldn’t speak.

If Rolls-Royce is the toy of the rich, then private jets can only be afforded by the rich of the rich.

Because Gulfstream aircraft like this sells for at least RMB 200 million to RMB 300 million.

And if you buy an aircraft like this, you don’t need to spend only two to three hundred million. You have to hire a crew, including two pilots, several mechanics, and several service personnel.

Aircraft maintenance costs are also very high, parking in the hangar, and taking off and landing at the airport cost a lot of money.

It is equivalent to buying a private jet, which means buying a tool to burn money.

When the Lady Willson saw this private jet, she immediately realized that there must be a very powerful family behind it.

Rolls-Royce stopped beside the plane, and the Old Mrs. Willson walked down with her granddaughter Wendy.

Wendy was also staring at this private plane, when a familiar figure suddenly ran out of the plane door!

“Grandma! Wendy!”

When the two heard this voice, they looked up, and it was Harold who got out of the plane!

Old Mrs. Willson saw her grandson and said excitedly: “Harold, why are you here? Where is your father?”


As soon as Mrs. Willson finished speaking, her eldest son Noah also walked out of the plane!

Old Mrs. Willson was very excited, but seeing her son and grandson lose a lot of weight, she couldn’t help but feel distressed.

The Old Mrs. Willson didn’t care about these things. She only cared about herself and didn’t care about anything else.

But after going through jail, and seeing her son and grandson, she also felt a feeling that blood was thicker than water.

And looking at eldest son, there are a lot of white hair coming out, and the whole person is also several years old. He was originally ruddy and blessed, but now his skin is dull and his body is thin, which really makes the Lady Willson feel distressed.

On the contrary, in these days in jail, Mrs. Willson didn’t suffer any crime, and she abused Elaine for a few days, so she didn’t seem to lose weight or age.

At this time, Harold and Noah both ran up to the Lady Willson, who cried bitterly while hugging her son and grandson.