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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1072 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1072 Start

When Wendy heard this, she asked excitedly: “Gentleman, are my father and my brother really released? Where are they now?”

The man said indifferently: “My people have arranged them, you two can just come with me.”

Old Mrs. Willson didn’t think too much about it. After all, she was already like this. There shouldn’t be anyone who came here to hurt her. What’s more, she was indeed released on bail. That being the case, she might as well go and take a look, maybe there is a new opportunity.

So the two went through the formalities, got their clothes and belongings, and after changing their clothes, they followed the man out of the detention center.

Outside the detention center, two Rolls-Royce Phantoms have been waiting here for a long time.

The man turned his head and said to her and Wendy: “You two, take the car behind you.”

Seeing the two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Mrs. Willson was very excited.

No ordinary people can afford a Rolls Royce.

When the Willson family was at its peak, they couldn’t afford a Rolls Royce.

Even if she could afford the money, she would not be worthy of this worth and status.

So the Old Mrs. Willson said, “Thank you, sir. Then we two will sit in the back.”

After speaking, he took her granddaughter to the front of the car behind.

The three people got in the cars one after another, and the two cars started to drive towards the outskirts.

After the car drove out for 20 minutes, the Old Mrs. Willson said to Wendy in surprise: “I think this road seems to be to the airport.”

Wendy also nodded, and said, “We will reach the airport expressway after a few kilometers.”

Old Mrs. Willson frowned and said in a low voice, “I don’t know who the gentleman in front is. Could it be that your father and your brother were also sent to the airport by them?”

Wendy suddenly became nervous and said, “Grandma, shouldn’t they be sent by Charlie? Are they going to get us out of Aurous Hill and never let us come back?”

“Impossible.” Mrs. Willson shook her head: “Why is that [email protected] Charlie so polite? He won’t release us on bail. On the contrary, he will find a way to let us stay inside for a while, even let us unable to get out all our lives.”

Wendy asked in surprise: “It’s Fredmen, right? Does he still miss the old love and want to take us to Eastcliff?”

Old Mrs. Willson waved her hand and said, “Impossible. If Fredmen can still do what a man does, it might be possible, but he is already an incompetent person. How could he miss the old love? If he really misses the old love If he did, he would never leave you.”

Wendy’s expression couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Although at first she was disgusted with her parents and grandmother’s arrangement to serve Fredmen, but after thinking about it carefully, Fredmen treated herself well back then.

After all, it only happened once with her, and he was able to invest tens of millions and give her 5 million pocket money.

Thinking of this, Wendy couldn’t help but sigh inwardly: “If Fredmen still has the abilities of a man, then she should follow him now, and she should be a fragrant drinker, and she won’t have such a miserable life?”

Just thinking about it, the two Rolls-Royce drove one after the other towards the airport expressway, rushing to the airport quickly.

Old Mrs. Willson and Wendy were even more surprised in their hearts. They were really going to the airport. What are they going to do?