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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1070 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1070 Start

Under such circumstances, everyone in the Wu family was in a panic and could not fall asleep.

When Horiyah was taken to Wu’s house, Tian Zhong didn’t let her go to the living room directly, but temporarily arranged her in the living area of ​​his subordinates, and then came over and invited Regnar and Roger over.

They heard that Horiyah was brought back, and the father and son went to see her together.

As soon as they met, Horiyah knelt on the ground and kowtowed them, thanking them for their life-saving grace.

Roger said blankly: “Horiyah, we rescued you not because we sympathized with you, but because we wanted you to do things for us.”

Horiyah hurriedly asked: “What do you want me to do?”

Roger gritted his teeth and said: “I know that you have hatred with Charlie, and I also have hatred with Charlie, and we share the same hatred. I will ask you one sentence, do you want to get revenge on Charlie?”

Horiyah blurted out angrily: “That d*mn Charlie almost killed me and made me suffer. I would liked to smash him into pieces!”

Roger nodded with satisfaction and said, “That’s good. In that case, I will let you go back to Aurous Hill. Your task is to do everything possible to avenge on Charlie’s family with full power!”

Horiyah agreed without hesitation, even if Roger didn’t say anything, once she has a chance to go back, she would definitely seek revenge on Charlie.

After agreeing, Horiyah couldn’t help asking: “By the way, Mr. Regnar, you know my husband, my son, my daughter and my mother-in-law, what’s the situation now?”

Roger sneered: “They are miserable now. They were taken into the detention center by Charlie some time ago, and they have not been released yet.”

“Ah?!” Horiyah asked nervously when she heard that all her family had entered the detention center, “What’s the matter? Are they all right? When can they come out?”

Roger said: “The reason why they entered the detention center was because they were fixed by Charlie. I guess they should hate Charlie terribly now.”

Horiyah asked nervously: “Mr. Wu, can you release my family? I beg you!”

Roger said indifferently: “Of course I can let them out, but I want to ask you, if I let them out, will they listen to me and go against Charlie?”

Horiyah nodded again and again: “Yes, they will! To be honest, our whole family has suffered a lot from Charlie!”

“My mother-in-law’s Willson Group was destroyed by Charlie!”

“My life savings with my husband were also lost because of Charlie!”

“My son was supposed to be the heir of the Willson Group, but in the end he had nothing and became a rag, thanks to him!”

“My daughter was supposed to marry the Aurous Hill King’s family and become a young daughter-in-law, but after the King’s family played with her, they retired from her. It was also the d*mn Charlie’s ghost!”

When talking about this, Horiyah was so angry that her whole body had almost collapsed and she was shaking violently.

At this time, she was emotionally out of control, and she broke down and cried: “I was sent to that dark coal mine. After such a long hellish life, life was worse than death every day, and I almost committed suicide several times, and it was all because of Charlie. d*mn it! Our family doesn’t share the same spirit with him!”

Roger and his father Regnar looked at each other.

The eyes were filled with joy.

The cannon fodder they want is someone who has a deadly animosity with Charlie!

The five members of the Willson family are all Charlie’s mortal enemies. As long as they are brought out and sent under Charlie’s nose, Charlie will definitely be uncomfortable! They are the ideal first members of the cannon fodder group!

In this way, Charlie’s energy will inevitably be restrained in many ways, and the Wu family will also have more opportunities to attack him!