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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1068 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1068 Start

Tian Zhong looked at Horiyah and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you his woman?”

Horiyah cried and said, “No, I am not, I was forced by him!”

Tian Zhong looked at the supervisor and said coldly: “Since she doesn’t admit that she is your woman, then you shouldn’t mess with me here.”

During this period of time, the overseer who was served by Horiyah was already ecstatic. He was nothing more than a rural old hat, who had experienced this kind of white and tender Lady from the city, so he had long been addicted to Horiyah.

Now seeing these people want to take Horiyah away, he is naturally 10,000 unhappy.

So he said coldly: “I don’t care about what you have or what you don’t have, what’s upsetting, I will tell you again, she is my woman!”

Tian Zhong snorted coldly: “This is your own death, so don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately took out a dark pistol from his waist, pointed the gun at the overseer, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

With a bang, a tongue of fire spurted from the muzzle, and a bullet instantly penetrated into the forehead of the overseer.

The overseer who was still arrogant just now turned into a corpse in an instant.

Horiyah was so scared that she screamed, but Lian had a faint excitement in her eyes. She felt that she had a chance to survive!

So she hurriedly said to Tian Zhong: “This big brother, we were also taken captive here, please take us away too!”

Upon hearing this, Horiyah hurriedly said: “You must not take her away! She almost killed me!”

Tian Zhong looked at Horiyah and asked, “Is this woman your enemy?”

Horiyah nodded immediately and blurted out: “Yes, she is my enemy, and she will kill me!”

Lian was anxious and said hurriedly: “Horiyah, don’t talk nonsense! When will I…”

Before Lian finished speaking, a gunshot suddenly sounded.

Horiyah was taken aback, and again, Tian Zhong raised his pistol at this time, and the muzzle turned out to be facing Lian!

And Lian who was still talking just now, her face was already full of blood at this time, she froze for a while, and then fell to the ground with a crash.

Tian Zhong actually shot Lian to death!

Horiyah didn’t expect that Tian Zhong would even kill two people in the blink of an eye, trembling with fright.

And Lian’s family members suddenly wailed and rushed towards her body.

They didn’t expect that Lian, who was still alive just now, was already separated from them.

But they didn’t have any choice. They didn’t dare to seek revenge from Tian Zhong and Horiyah, so they could only cry with the corpse.

Tian Zhong didn’t pay much attention to the family in front of him. He turned around and said to the younger brothers around him: “The plane is waiting at the airport. Let’s leave!”

The shocked Horiyah immediately pushed into a domineering car.

Tian Zhong also stepped into the car when he came. When the car turned around, he opened the window and pointed at Lian’s family. As long as her family rushed forward, he would immediately kill.

Fortunately, Lian’s family was so scared that they did not dare to move.

Immediately after that, the convoy drove away from the black coal mine in the mountain and headed for the local airport!