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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1067 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1067 Start

Horiyah was so scared that she rolled several times on the ground, for fear that the iron hook would really hit her face.

That thing looks so scary, maybe it can hook her eyes off!

But Horiyah’s leg was injured after all. Even if she could avoid Lian for the first two times, Lian has been chasing her and beating her, according to this posture, sooner or later she will be bloody abused by Lian!

Horiyah was about to run away, but suddenly there was a pain in her leg and she fell to the ground.

When she recovered, Lian rushed over, picked up the big hook and slammed it directly on her head.

At this time, Horiyah couldn’t avoid it anymore. She closed her eyes in despair, thinking that she was dead today.

But at this moment, several Toyota overbearing vehicles suddenly drove in.

The dazzling car lights directly hit Lian’s face, and a group of people jumped out of the car. One of them pointed at Lian with a gun: “What the f*ck? Put that hook down!”.

Lian was taken aback by this battle!

After all, she has worked in Macau’s casinos for many years. She is well-informed and knows at a glance what kind of person has what kind of strength.

Although the security guards and supervisors of the black coal mine are terrible, they don’t have guns. This group of people seems to be a little bigger!

So she shivered and threw the iron hook on the ground.

At this time, the lead a chubby middle-aged man with a full face walked to Horiyah’s face, opened a photo from his mobile phone and looked at Horiyah, then looked at Horiyah, and asked, “You are Horiyah?”

Horiyah nodded in panic: “I am. who are you?”

The middle-aged man nodded and said lightly: “Hello, Mrs. Willson, introduce myself. I am from the Wu family of Suzhou. My name is Tian Zhong. I am here to take you to Suzhou.”

Horiyah was puzzled and cautiously said: “Hello, Mr. Tian Zhong…I…I don’t seem to know the Wu family…”

Tian Zhong said blankly: “Our young master knew that you were pitted here by Charlie, so he specifically asked me to come and rescue you. Our young master has something to tell you, and then let you Meet your family.”

Horiyah asked in surprise: “Is what you said true? Are you really going to rescue me and let me meet my family?”

Tian Zhong asked in a cold voice: “Otherwise, do you think I ran all the way to this place where the birds don’t sh!t, is it because I am trying to tease you?”

When Horiyah heard this, she was so excited that she was almost crying.

As a result, she was so excited that she burst into tears, nodded and said, “Thank you, Master! Thank you!”

Seeing her dirty, Tian Zhong said to the person behind him, “Take her to your car.”

“OK, boss!”

The man said, put the pistol away, and took Horiyah into the car.

At this time, a man in the room came out cursingly, cursing very uncomfortably, “What do you guys do? My woman, too, did you take her away? Leave her to me!”

Tian Zhong frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

This man is the supervisor of this black coal kiln. When the boss is not here, he is the earth emperor here.

So he arrogantly said: “I am the safety supervisor here. Have you come to me to lead people and greet our boss Li? Tell you, our boss Li is very powerful here!”

Tian Zhong said coldly: “Didn’t your boss call you? Tell you that this place has been bought by our young master?”

“Joke!” The supervisor coldly shouted, “Boss Li really sold this place. He will definitely tell me. I think you guys are ill-intentioned. Want to grab the woman?”