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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1066 Free Novel

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Moreover, her family has been working at a high load since the day they came in, but what about Horiyah? She can be the c0ncubine of the overseer just because she maintains better than herself!

So, she looked at Horiyah, not angry, and gritted her teeth and cursed: “Some women are really shameless. It’s shameless to go to sleep with the supervisor for such a little benefit!”

When Horiyah heard her mocking herself, she was naturally full of anger and cursed: “Lian, you should be careful when you speak to me, otherwise, be careful that I will stop you from eating tomorrow!”

When Lian heard this, she became furious: “Horiyah, what are you going to do? Are you not sleeping with the supervisor? You think that if you have him as a backer, I dare not do anything to you? Wait for me to play. Tired of you, will you still be same by then?”

Horiyah was so angry that she blurted out: “Lian, I don’t think your family wants to be better, believe me or not, tomorrow I will increase your daily working hours from 16 hours to 20 hours? Your family will be exhausted to death!”

When Lian heard this, she was furious: “Horiyah, do you have a d*mn conscience? It is because of you that me and my family ended up like this! Not only you have no guilt, you even told me to come on! You are not human!”

Horiyah said in a cold voice: “Don’t talk to me here. You agreed to cooperate with me for money. If you want to make this money, you have to bear the risks behind it! Why do you rely on me?”

Lian gritted her teeth: “It doesn’t matter who you rely on, if it weren’t for you, I and my family were eating hot and spicy in Aurous Hill! How could it be possible to suffer this crime?”

Horiyah said contemptuously: “This proves that you have no life of happiness! You are destined to live in this small coal kiln in your life! Either you will be exhausted here, or the small coal kiln will smash you to death in the well. Bottom, in short, you won’t be able to stand up in your life!”

When Lian heard this, she became angry!

The croupier, who has worked so hard in Macau for so many years, saved some money and returned to Aurous Hill to prepare for the elderlylife, but Horiyah asked her to set up a set for Elaine. This set did not matter. The coal mine came, and then she lived a life of darkness and h*ll, so how could she not hate Horiyah in her heart?

Listening to Horiyah’s words now, her whole body is already frustrated! She felt her brain tingling for a while, so she picked up a handful of iron hooks from the ground, specially used to pull coal, and waved towards Horiyah!

Horiyah did not expect that this stinky lady would dare to beat her!

And she moved the iron hook as soon as she came up. She was so frightened that she pissed off and ran away, but she started a little late after all, so the iron hook caught her calf!

The iron hook can even hook in hard coal, not to mention the flesh. Horiyah only felt that the hook was like a fish hook, piercing the flesh of her calf, and then there was a sharp pain. Making him staggered and fell to the ground.

At this time, her calf was bloody and it looked terrifying.

Horiyah was frightened. She knew very well in her heart that everything in this small coal kiln was very dirty, and the iron hook had rust and soot on it. She doesn’t know how many bacteria were penetrated by it and infected her!

Moreover, Lian in front of her has obviously lost her mind, and the threat to herself is quite big!

So she hurriedly shouted: “Lian, you dare to touch me, do you want to live?”

Lian had red eyes at this time and gritted her teeth and said: “You have harmed me to the point where I am today, so that I will remain in darkness for a lifetime, and you as well die with me!”

After that, she violently pulled the iron hook out of her calf, and then she was about to hook it on her face!