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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1065 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1065 Start

In the past period of time, Horiyah has lived like years.

She is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Willson family, so she has never suffered. On the contrary, Horiyah’s life was also very good during the years when the Willson family was successful.

So Horiyah didn’t dare to say that it was a lifetime of fine clothes and food, but it was also a good life. Now she has been reduced to mining coal day and night in the black coal kiln. This kind of life is more painful than h*ll.

However, Horiyah was the one who had the most comfortable life among the same group of people sent to the black coal kiln by Charlie.

Those men, who are now being tortured, are not like human beings. They have to work fifteen or six hours in the black coal kiln every day, and they are hungry and skinny.

The old Qian Lian had a hard time, because she was ugly and didn’t like the supervisor, so her daily routine and work were no different from those men.

Horiyah is a little better because she herself is a woman. She looks good and maintains well. Although she is a little older, she still has the charm, which is really unique in the eyes of the supervisor.

As a result, Horiyah became the c0ncubine of the black coal kiln supervisor, doing all she could to wait for the dirty supervisor every night, which made her life easier.

At least she doesn’t have to do so much work, and she can take more time to rest. More importantly, she eats better than others.

But even so, this kind of life is still extremely torture for Horiyah.

Although the supervisor has the supreme status and right to speak in the black coal kiln, plainly speaking, he is a bad Old Master in the countryside, very sloppy, and does not pay attention to personal hygiene, sometimes he does not take a bath in two weeks.

But Horiyah has no choice but to resist the nausea to please him and cater to him.

At night, Horiyah had just finished serving the supervisor and came out of the brick house in disorder.

Horiyah still holds a plastic basin in her hand. Although the supervisor does not like to take a bath, wash his face, or brush his teeth, he likes to soak his feet every day, and as long as he soaks feet, Horiyah will help him. She washes his feet.

Every time Horiyah washes his feet with a basin of clean water, the basin is dark after washing.

Thinking of his foul-smelling feet, Horiyah shed tears of grievance.

That [email protected] overseer, who didn’t know anything about cleanliness, made her feel pain everywhere now.

Her original delicate skin gradually became rough in this dusty and coal dust environment.

Such a day is almost like h*ll, and don’t know if there is any chance to leave this blind place in her life.

Horiyah carried the basin and headed to the boiling water room, just to see Lian’s family with dark faces, beside the coal pile, carrying baskets of coal into the coal pile.

Lian looked at her, full of hatred and jealousy.

In her opinion, if it weren’t for Horiyah, this stinky lady, who was pulling herself to Elaine, she would not have fallen into this kind of place.