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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1064 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1064 Start

Regnar didn’t have the time to manage Yaqina at this time. At this time, instead of feeling sorry for her, who was emotionally broken, he hated her very much.

Because if it weren’t for her, if it wasn’t her d*mn brother, how could the Wu family encounter such a big credibility crisis? !

It doesn’t matter if this d*mn Nanshan is dead, it is very likely that the Wu family will lose more than half of their assets. In that case, the Wu family will no longer be the first family in the region.

Moreover, the nature of this incident is really too bad. It is estimated that the people of the whole country will never forget this incident for a while, so for a long time to come, the Wu family will become hateful dogs in this world.

Worse still, the Wu family’s business will definitely be affected very far-reachingly. It is possible that for a long time to come, the Wu family’s assets will continue to shrink.

It is very likely that the Wu family will be reduced to a second-rate family.

The saddest thing is that Regnar has nothing to do with this.

He was already exhausted.

Because the most feared thing is to incite the anger of the people.

If one day the Wade Family also had a sc*m, and the people across the country hated it, then the Wade Family would not be able to recover.

Therefore, at this moment, the helms of large families across the country sighed deep in their hearts: “We must keep in mind the mistakes and lessons learned by the Wu family this time. Today’s Wu family has done a great job to all large families across the country.”

At this moment, Regnar has given up his reputation for saving the Wu family.

He is full of resentment now, and only thinks about one thing, which is to seek revenge on Charlie.

Roger ran over to him and said, “Dad, the Eight Heavenly Kings have replied. They said they only obeyed Grandpa’s arrangements, and other people’s orders were useless to them.”

Regnar hurriedly asked, “Did the doctor say when your grandpa can wake up?”

Roger shook his head: “The doctor said that he couldn’t judge for a while. Grandpa had a serious stroke this time.”

Regnar frowned: “If the Eight Great Heavenly Kings do not come out, I am afraid that I will not be able to snatch the father and son back from Changbai Mountain…”

Roger said: “But we continue to wait like this, I don’t know when Grandpa will wake up.”

After that, Roger said again: “In my opinion, let’s send some second-rate masters to try it out first. We will send a few more people this time.”

Regnar thought for a moment, then lightly nodded and said, “It’s not a way to wait. If that’s the case, send someone there first.”

Roger said at this time: “Dad, actually I don’t quite understand why you are looking for these enemies of Charlie? In my opinion, these people are all rags. How can you expect them to kill Charlie?”

Regnar said indifferently: “Last time we underestimated the enemy, so we suffered such a big loss. This time, we must first stabilize and observe for a while later, first find some cannon fodder, and help us test.”

After speaking, Regnar said again: “The two armies should not expose their main force in advance. Instead, they should find some cannon fodder and go to the opponent’s position to test it. Once the opponent fires, we can find the opponent’s firepower point. Where, then we will unplug the opponent’s firepower point, so that if the army is overwhelmed, the opponent will undoubtedly die.”

“Otherwise, if we send the main force directly, what if we are destroyed by the opponent’s firepower first? Wouldn’t we be taken away by a wave?”

Roger nodded, “Dad, I understand what you mean.”

Regnar hummed, and said, “Since you are looking for cannon fodder, you must find someone who has hatred with the other party. Because of this cannon fodder, he will be desperate and dash forward not afraid of death. The family’s Horiyah who was sent to the black coal kiln, Fredmen who couldn’t do anything, and even those who had been beaten in the face by Charlie before, are all excellent candidates for cannon fodder!”

After that, he asked Roger: “Have the people who are ment to save Horiyah set off?”

Roger hurriedly said: “They have set off!”