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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1063 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1063 Start

Charlie only knew that the news just now was about Zhao Zhuo.

Today the WeChat group of the orphanage completely exploded.

Everyone dare not imagine that everyone was eating together yesterday, and today two friends from the orphanage died.

Jiang Ming was the first to die. Everyone knew what he had done, so they felt that he was dead.

But no one thought that Zhao Zhuo, who had always liked to take advantage of others, would become a murderer.

And what he killed turned out to be his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s lover!

Xiaofen sent a tearful expression in the group and said, “Why is this person Zhao Zhuo unable to think so? Even if his girlfriend betrayed him, he shouldn’t have done such extreme behavior!”

Others said: “Hey, although I usually hate Zhao Zhuo, I think he is quite pitiful now. He was poking his heart out to his girlfriend, but he didn’t expect the other party to treat him like that.”

Another said: “Zhao Zhuo killed two people, will he be shot?”

“The news said that he surrendered himself, he should be treated with leniency? He didn’t murder for money or other purposes, but because his girlfriend cheated in front of him. It is estimated that the court judged will sympathize a little bit!”

“Hey, the high probability is the death penalty, and the small probability is the death sentence with a reprieve. But even with a reprieve, his life is over.”

Xiaofen sighed: “Aunt Lena also learned about the news just now. She seemed to be very injured and locked herself in the room and didn’t want to come out.”

Seeing this, Charlie felt a little distressed for Aunt Lena.

Regardless of whether these children grow up, they are good or bad, but these children are brought up by Aunt Lena.

Everyone is like her child, and she lost two children today.

Charlie, who had not spoken all the time, said in the group at this time: “Xiaofen, do you want us to see Aunt Lena?”

Xiaofen said: “No need Charlie, let Aunt Lena be quiet for a while.”

“Alright…” Charlie couldn’t help sighing.

He did not expect that Zhao Zhuo would end in such a way.

Although this person is annoying, he is really pitiful.

Most of the time why people are fooled is because they are greedy.

Therefore, he shut down all WeChat accounts of the orphanage, and today he no longer wants to hear related information.


At this moment, the worst family in the world is the Wu family.

The Wu family was scolded as a dead dog on the Internet, and was frantically condemned by netizens across China. The scolding became more and more intense, and there was no intention to stop.

More importantly, the fact that they spent money to find the PR managers was completely exposed. This is just worse, and the people of the whole country hate the Wu family even more.

The Old Master of the Wu family, his whole being angry, almost lost his breath. He took a big rescue measure to save his life, but he was already in a deep coma.

Yaqina, Regnar’s wife, was emotionally broken because she learned that her younger brother and his wife were dead, and that his family was dead. She smashed everything that could be smashed in the room.