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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1062 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1062 Start

Five minutes later, he took out his cell phone and dialed 110: “Hello, I want to surrender.”

The other party hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong with you? Why do you want to surrender?”

Zhao Zhuo said blankly: “I just killed someone…”

When the other party heard this, he blurted out and asked, “Where are you now? Are people dead?”

“Dead!” Zhao Zhuo glanced at Juan again, and then slowly reported the address of Juan’s home.

Ten minutes later, two police cars and a 120 drove to the door of Juan’s house almost at the same time.

The police rushed in with the doctor, first controlled Zhao Zhuo, handcuffed him, and then asked the doctor to check the conditions of the two victims.

The doctor quickly concluded that both victims were dead.

The police immediately took Zhao Zhuo into the police car and formally arrested him.

Zhao Zhuo, who was sitting in the police car, had a very indifferent expression. He knew that his life had been ruined anyway, and it didn’t matter whether he was alive or dead.

Although his expression is very indifferent, his heart still hurts uncomfortably.

He suffered all his life, and has loved countless people with inferiority, but no one really loves him.

He once thought that Juan was the only person in the world who loved him. Why is that? He desperately wants to save money, give the future mother-in-law enough money as a gift, and marry Juan as his wife.

It was for this purpose that he desperately gave all of his belongings, together with the 500,000 loan usury, to Jiang Ming.

But it wasn’t until the moment when he opened the bedroom door that he really realized that no one had loved him in his life.

As the saying goes, grief is greater than death.

Now Zhao Zhuo’s heart is completely dead.


Charlie had just arrived home not long ago.

Seeing him coming back, Claire hurriedly asked him, “You went out early today to help the orphanage find children?”

Charlie asked curiously: “How do you know?”

Claire said: “It has been spread all over the Internet. I knew that when I saw the news, you must have gone out for this matter.”

Charlie nodded and said, “I also organized several friends to find them, but I didn’t expect a mysterious person to send the children back. It was a false alarm.”

He said this because he was afraid that his wife would think more about it. If his wife thought that the he was behind the scenes, she might have opinions on him.

After all, although he didn’t personally kill people today, he also commanded and killed many sc*ms.

Thinking of this, Charlie looked at Claire, deliberately trying to test her tone and attitude, so he said: “I also watched the video today. It’s scary. So many people died.”

Claire nodded and said, “It’s a bit scary, but seeing those [email protected] of the beggar gang have been punished, I feel very relieved, because I have seen many posts on the Internet exposing the behavior of the beggars. Helping people is really bad. They have killed so many children. It’s really not a pity to die.”

Charlie nodded in agreement.

The reason why he asked Issac’s men to deal with the beggars and human traffickers was also because they deserved to die.

At this moment, Charlie suddenly received a push.

“This city has just cracked an intentional homicide case, and the suspect has been captured on the spot!”

At this time, in the WeChat group of the orphanage, someone of members: “Something happened to Zhao Zhuo! He killed someone and was taken away by the police! The news has been broadcasted all over!”