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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1061 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1061 Start

Zhao Zhuo struggled to get up at this time, already hating these two dog man and woman, crazy in his heart.

Unexpectedly, they dare to flirt and scold at this time. How d*mn shameless? Do they take him seriously?

Originally, he had accumulated countless negative energy, and seeing that the whole person was about to collapse, he ran to Juan to talk to her and find some comfort.

Unexpectedly, before arriving at Juan’s house, he was ridiculed by the taxi driver and kicked, and he was forced to knock him several heads.

This brought his mood to the edge of almost collapse.

But he did not expect that a bigger bomb would be behind, and he did not expect that his beloved woman would betray him!

When he thought of this, he was completely crazy.

Now he doesn’t think about it anymore, what should he do with the 500,000 usury? Can’t think about what to do if you are beaten today or humiliated today.

The only thing he thought about now was to make the couple pay the price.

So he crawled to the kitchen and took a sharp knife that was boneless, ready to kill the b!tch and the man.

At this time, the fat man Benj had also put on his pants and walked out of the bedroom. What he thought was to get rid of that d*mn Zhao Zhuo.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he found that Zhao Zhuo had disappeared. He thought that this kid should have escaped in anger. He was about to go back and said to Juan. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back.

At this time, Zhao Zhuo had already inserted the sharp knife into his back.

Then Zhao Zhuo drew out the knife, pushed the fat man to the ground, and rushed into the bedroom.

In the bedroom at this time, Juan was not wearing any clothes, but lying on the bed waiting for the fat man Benj to return.

After all, the two hadn’t finished their work just now, they were suddenly interrupted by Zhao Zhuo. She was still waiting for her lover to drive Zhao Zhuo away before coming back and continuing with her.

But she never expected that the person who stepped forward at this time turned out to be Zhao Zhuo, and he also held a knife in his hand.

Juan was so scared that she hurriedly jumped to the corner wrapped in a quilt, and said in a panic: “Zhao Zhuo, what are you going to do?!”

“Me?” Zhao Zhuo gritted his teeth and cursed: “You betrayed me, I want your life!”

Juan said coldly: “I tell you not to be foolish. If something happens to me, the police will not let you go!”

Zhao Zhuo smiled miserably: “My life has been ruined. I originally expected you to give me the last light. It is you who really pushed me down the abyss!”

After that, Zhao Zhuo gritted his teeth and said: “You want to completely destroy me, then I will completely destroy you before I am destroyed!”

Juan was so frightened that she knew that Zhao Zhuo’s expression was not joking with herself!

So she hurriedly shouted: “Mr. Benj, Mr. Benj, save me, Mr. Benj!”

Zhao Zhuo smiled and said: “Mr. Benj has been stabbed to death by me, now it’s your turn!”

Juan saw that the sharp knife in his hand was full of blood!

She was about to collapse, crying and said to Zhao Zhuo: “Zhao Zhuo, I beg you to forgive me, I really didn’t mean to betray you, you love me so much, are you willing to hurt me?”

Zhao Zhuo sneered and said: “I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore. I don’t even love myself or the world anymore! So, I must make you pay, let you know, bully Anyone can do it, don’t bully honest people!”

After speaking, Zhao Zhuo rushed to her front.

Juan shouted in despair, but then her shout stopped abruptly.

The sharp knife in Zhao Zhuo’s hand has already been inserted into her heart…

Seeing Juan’s silence, Zhao Zhuo was stunned for about 5 minutes.