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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1060 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1060 Start

When he came to the door of his girlfriend’s house, he knocked on the door, but no one came out to open the door.

He didn’t know that Juan, his girlfriend, was in her room at this time, and a customer of hers who bought fake cigarettes was doing the same thing intently.

He sent a call to his girlfriend on WeChat, and the other party did not respond. He thought that the other party was asleep, so he found a key under a pickle jar at the door of his girlfriend’s house.

This is the secret that he discovered by chance that the future mother-in-law leaves key under the pickle jar. It may be that older people are easier to forget, so the future mother-in-law hid such a key in case of emergency.

But this time it was convenient for Zhao Zhuo.

After Zhao Zhuo took out the key, he opened the door and entered the courtyard of this self-built house.

After entering the yard, although the door to the room was closed, it was not locked.

So Zhao Zhuo opened the door and walked in, passing through the living room. He suddenly heard a very, very strange sound from the bedroom inside, like the soft moan of his girlfriend.

He limped to the door, and the more he listened, the more he felt something was not right, because the voice from inside seemed to be a man besides his girlfriend, and there was also a very crazy sense of rhythm.

Thinking of something, he kicked the door angrily and saw the naked people on the bed hugging each other tightly. The one below was his girlfriend Juan.

Zhao Zhuo was very angry at this moment, and he shouted hysterically: “Juan! Why you b!tch betraying me?!”

The two people on the bed let out a cry of fright, and then quickly turned over and hid under the bed. Juan wrapped her body very tightly and looked at Zhao Zhuo nervously: “You… why are you here? ? How did you get in?”

Zhao Zhuo angrily scolded: “How do you care about me getting in? If I didn’t come in and see, I won’t know that you dare to betray me!”

As he said, he looked at the fat man next to Juan, gritted his teeth and cursed: “You dog dare to sleep with my girlfriend, I’m fighting with you!”

After speaking, Zhao Zhuo rushed towards the fat man.

But before he got there, the fat man kicked him directly through the quilt, kicked him upside down with one kick, kicked out the door directly, and cursed, “So you’re the silly waste.” ! What kind of blessings can Juan enjoy following you? What good life can she live on? I heard that you can’t make a lot of money. Do you still expect Juan to sell fake cigarettes to support you in the future?”

Juan asked in surprise: “Mr. Benj…you…how do you know that I sell fake cigarettes…”

The fat man petted and said: “Fool, I have smoked for so many years, can I still not get the real China and the fake China?”

Juan was even more surprised, and blurted out: “Mr. Benj, you know that the cigarettes I sell are fake, why do you buy them? And you buy so many at once?”

The fat man picked her chin and said with a smile: “I feel sorry for you. I want you to make more money. It doesn’t matter to me to buy a few fake cigarettes, I will be happy as long as you can be happy!”

Juan’s face was full of the shyness of a girl, she threw herself in his arms and said shyly: “Mr. Benj, you are really kind to me…”