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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 106 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 106 Start

Charlie said coldly, turning around and leaving.

When Steven saw that the other party was about to leave, he thought Charlie wanted to escape, and immediately roared: “Catch him for me! Dare to find my fault, there must be someone behind this kid!”

“Can’t afford to provoke? Haha, in Aurous Hill City, there is no one I can’t afford to provoke!”

“Catch him, break his leg, and ask who it is that dares to trouble my Qin family.”

He believed that Charlie was the person sent by his business rival, otherwise, how could he know exactly what happened to him in the car accident?

Several bodyguards acted immediately and rushed to stand in front of Charlie.

The other two bodyguards strode to Jacob’s face, and violently reached out their hands and grabbed them.

Jacob was so frightened, he didn’t expect to get into this kind of disaster when he went out to buy an antique.

Just when the bodyguard was about to catch Jacob, Charlie’s eyes were cold, and he kicked a brawny man in front of him with one foot, rushed to Jacob in three or two steps, and hit the bodyguard in the face with one punch.


The bodyguard was about to grab Jacob and was hit by a punch in the front. He suddenly spurted his nose and backed away, covering his face.

The other bodyguard saw Charlie start his hand, quickly took out the electric baton, and called Charlie fiercely.

“Ah!” Jacob yelled in fright, “Charlie, get away!”

Before he finished speaking, Charlie shook his body agilely, avoided a stick that flew over, clasped the bodyguard’s left wrist with his backhand, and tried hard.


Before the bodyguard with the electric baton could react, he was thrown to the ground by one over his shoulder, grinning in pain, and could not get up for a long time.

Jacob was speechless, almost didn’t recognize that the young man standing in front of him was his son-in-law.

Why is his skill so good?

Charlie bent down, picked up the electric baton on the ground, squeezed it in his hand, and said, “Who else? Let’s go with the rest.”

The crowd watched silently, their eyes all fixed on Charlie.

Ervin Jones was also dumbfounded, staring at Charlie, and murmured: “Brother, amazing!”

He was fortunate that he didn’t make Charlie angry just now, otherwise, this one fell off his shoulders and his bones would fall apart.

Jacob returned to his senses and asked in shock behind Charlie: “Charlie, where did you learn this skill?”

“This” Charlie smiled and said, “Dad, when I first went to work, I was bored at home watching TV. Isn’t there a show on the ring every morning on TV? I learned all of it from TV.”

In fact, Charlie practiced Wing Chun since he was a child, and it is the most authentic Wing Chun. After all, this man is the descendant of the Wade family branch!

However, in order to hide his identity, he naturally cannot tell the Old Master.

Moreover, what surprised Charlie was that his current strength seemed to have improved a lot!

Combat effectiveness has been improved several times than usual.

It seems that this should be due to the Nine Profound Heaven Classics.

And the pebble full of aura just now, a little bit of aura entered the body, and I felt that the physical fitness of the whole person had improved a lot!

The crowd sounded in awe.

Such a powerful skill is stronger than the skill of a martial artist in the Aurous Hill City Martial Arts Hall. He actually taught himself by watching TV!!

This self-taught talent is simply amazing!

“I learned it from TV!” Ervin Jones’s eyes widened. Such an amazing skill came from watching TV. He quickly admired Charlie and sneered at him: “Big brother, may I ask which channel you are watching? Want to learn.”

Charlie looked at Ervin Jones and said faintly: “CCTV Sports Channel, The Arena!”