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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1059 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1059 Start

Zhao Zhuo lay on the ground, looking at the fierce taxi driver, his expression was no longer the arrogance he had when he stopped the car and threatened him.

He looked at the driver, crying and begging: “Master I just went bankrupt and have nothing, and I owe a debt. I was beaten into such a situation again. I really have no money to pay the fare, please. Please let me go!”

The driver said angrily: “You owe a debt, and I still owe a debt. If I have money, would I still open a rental car? Do you think this 45 is nothing? This 45 is enough for me to eat for two days! Get it out for me quickly!”

Zhao Zhuo cried out: “Master I really don’t have money, and I don’t have any valuables on my body. I beg you, you can take pity on me!”

The taxi driver yelled coldly: “Don’t come to this set with me, then if you don’t give me the money, I’ll call the police!”

When Zhao Zhuo heard this, he hurriedly got up, knelt under his feet, and kowtowed to him: “Master I really have no money. Even if you kill me, I have no money. I beg you. I beg you, can’t I just kowtow to you? You just treat me as your son and kowtow to you in the New Year to say hello. Don’t you have to wrap me a red envelope too?”

The taxi driver had never seen such a shameless person, and he was trembling with anger: “You… why are you so shameless? Do you have no parents? If your parents knew that you were outside Kowtowing to others for 45, what will be their feelings?”

Zhao Zhuo’s nose was sour: “Master tell you that I am an orphan. I had no father and no mother since I was a child. I grew up in the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute. Going away, that [email protected] not only defrauded my 120,000 savings, but also defrauded me to loan him 500,000 usury from various loan apps. Now he is dead…”

When the taxi driver saw that he didn’t seem to be telling lies, he couldn’t help but be shocked: “Rushing to a well-off society, why are there such unlucky people?”

Seeing this, he really couldn’t bear it, and continued to force him for the fare.

So he sighed and said to Zhao Zhuo: “For the sake of your pitiful life, since you have no father and no mother, forget it this time. If you are unlucky, I will ask you to ride in the car!”

When Zhao Zhuo heard this, he immediately knocked three heads again and said gratefully: “You are such a good person, you are my second-born parent!”

After speaking, he raised his head, looked at the taxi driver, and pleaded: “You have already asked me to take the car. Can you give me another 50 and treat me for a meal?”

The taxi driver was so annoyed that he kicked him away and cursed: “Sure enough, a poor person must have something to hate. You can say it if you are so shameless. You really f*cking convinced me!”

After speaking, the driver turned back to the taxi, started the car and left.

Zhao Zhuo struggled to get up from the ground, patted the soil on his body, and thought to himself: “Although the process was a bit bumpy, it ultimately saved the 45.”

It took up 45 for the taxi driver, which made Zhao Zhuo feel a little better.

He limped to his girlfriend’s house, thinking in his heart, the moment he sees his girlfriend, he must pounce in her arms and cry.

The girlfriend’s house is in a shanty town in this city, which is the kind of self-built house, which is relatively shabby.

However, in Zhao Zhuo’s eyes, this is a gold mine, because shanty towns are being managed everywhere now, saying that the house will be demolished when it is demolished, and the house will be lost when it is demolished. There are two or three houses in a row.

Therefore, he is also eager to get married with his girlfriend earlier, so that he can join their family and become a son-in-law, and after the demolition in the future, he can share some benefits.