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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1058 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1058 Start

After speaking, he ignored him and turned away.

Zhao Zhuo limped to catch up, and cursed: “You [email protected], quickly return the money to me, otherwise I will never finish with you!”


The other party cursed, climbed onto the trailer and drove away.

Zhao Zhuo couldn’t catch up with his truck, and his heart was extremely angry, but seeing that the other party had already left, he could do nothing, and his deep despair replaced the anger just now.

Now, his top priority is how to deal with the 500,000 usury.

At this moment, he felt that his life was almost desperate.

At this time he thought of his girlfriend Juan.

Zhao Zhuo is also an orphan. He has no father, no mother, and no relatives. This girl is his girlfriend, so he felt that Juan was his only relative.

Now that he has encountered such a major setback, when he is desperate and not knowing what to do, he just wants to see his beloved woman, hoping that his beloved woman can give him some comfort.

So he wiped his face with his clothes, limped to the gate of the community, and stopped a taxi.

The taxi driver had seen him look so terrible and didn’t dare to pull over for him.

But he grabbed the other side’s rearview mirror and didn’t let go, and shouted: “If you don’t pull over for me today, I will complain to your company!”

The taxi driver did not dare to blatantly refuse the ride, so he could only get him in the car and drove to the neighborhood where his girlfriend’s house was located according to his request.

However, Zhao Zhuo is now penniless and can’t afford the taxi fare.

He can only count in his heart, there is a very narrow alley near his girlfriend’s house, and that alley cannot be driven in by cars, and it is very winding inside.

If he ask the driver to stop at that alley and then get into the alley while he is unprepared, he should not be able to catch up with him.

In this way, he won’t have to pay for taxi fare.

Zhao Zhuo does what he thinks.

When he was approaching his girlfriend’s house, he asked the driver to stop at the alley. The driver turned off the meter and said, “A total of 45.”

Zhao Zhuo nodded, turned on the phone, opened WeChat and scanned it and said: “I don’t have cash, scan the QR code to pay.”

The driver said directly: “There is a WeChat QR code in the back row. Please scan the code directly.”

Zhao Zhuo pretended to scan the QR code, then pretended to tinker for a while, and said to the driver: “Mr.’s money has been transferred.”

The driver said: “I didn’t hear the prompt, I have all voice prompts.”

Zhao Zhuo deliberately said: “Maybe the internet is not good, and you will receive it immediately.”

After finishing talking, Zhao Zhuo immediately pushed the car door, and ran into the alley as if stepping crazy.

He thought that he was familiar with the terrain of this alley, and he could get rid of the driver by going in and around twice. He didn’t expect that he was beaten so badly. As soon as he got out of the car and was about to run, he immediately ran out of breath. He felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, and one fell to the ground without standing still.

At this time, the driver also realized that he was going to run, and hurriedly pushed the door to chase him, and found that he had fallen to the ground, and said angrily: “You want to run before the money has been paid? Give me the money quickly!”