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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1057 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1057 Start

Zhao Zhuo finally knew what kind of scam he had experienced.

It turned out that Jiang Ming was not as rich and successful as he said. Not only that, but he also caused a disaster.

He crashed Abner’s Phaeton and urgently needed to buy a new one for Abner, which is the fundamental reason why he boasted about money making and deceived him to get more than 600,000.

But the worst thing now is that this [email protected] is dead.

In other words, he can’t get back his 620,000, not even a cent.

At this time, his heart was painful, more painful than the wound on his body.

Abner, who beat him violently, saw that he was no longer crazy as he was just now, and he was a little relieved, and said to him: “You can see clearly this time, I am going to drive away. There’s nothing wrong with the car.”

Although Abner looked down on Zhao Zhuo in his heart, Zhao Zhuo’s crazy state just now made him somewhat jealous.

He also mixed up all the way, so he knows that this kind of person is actually very scary. If he really anxes him, he is likely to desperately fight.

So it is better not to provoke such a person, at least not to provoke him now.

When Zhao Zhuo heard his words, his heart was already gloomy.

He didn’t even dare to think about what he should do in a week.

Because, after a week, some platforms are about to start asking for a repayment. By that time, he will not have the money, and he doesn’t know how they will treat him.

Seeing that he was in a daze, Abner seemed to be lost in a daze, so he didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him any more, so he got into the car and started and drove away.

Zhao Zhuo sat on the ground alone, smelling the exhaust left by the Phaeton car, tears streaming down his face.

His tears kept streaming, mixed with blood and dust on his face, leaving two obvious tear marks on his face.

His guy who drove a trailer dared to jump out of the car, walked to him, squatted down, patted him on the shoulder and asked, “Excellent, do you want me to call the police for you?”

Zhao Zhuo cried and said, “I’m done, the person who killed me is also dead, what’s the point of calling the police…”

The other party didn’t know what he had gone through. At this time, he sighed softly and said: “Excellent, then can’t you drag the car?”

Zhao Zhuo looked at him and yelled: “You’re so f*cking blind, didn’t you watch the car and those people driving it away? I’m dragging a feather!

The other party couldn’t help but frowned and thought, if he had just yelled, he would have been beaten to death. He is kindly coming over to care about him now, did he pretend to be with me?

Okay, then you can pretend it yourself, I won’t play with you!

Thinking of this, he stood up and said to Zhao Zhuo: “Then if you don’t want to tow the truck, I will leave.”

Zhao Zhuo came back to his senses and hurriedly said: “You return the 800 to me before leaving!”

The other party said angrily: “You are arguing with me, I don’t need money to drive all the way? I drive a car in the repair shop. As long as I go out, the repair shop will assume that I have started to pick up the job, regardless of you. If the car is not towed, I have to report the income to the repair shop when I go back!”

Zhao Zhuo angrily said: “I don’t care about your reasons, it has nothing to do with me, I only know that I didn’t let you tow the trailer, so you have to return my money to me!”

The other party was also anxious, and said in a huff, “I said you don’t understand people’s speech? The repair shop has regulations. As long as I take the truck, they will charge a fee. You ask me to return the money to you. Go back to the repair shop and they ask me for money, what should I do?”

Zhao Zhuo said coldly: “I’m the one who cares about you? what does it have to do with me, you quickly return the money to me!”

The other party did not expect that this person would not speak any truth at all, and said angrily: “A person like you deserves to be deceived and deceived into bankruptcy!”