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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1056 Free Novel

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The blood on Zhao Zhuo’s face rubbed his entire trouser legs, very disgusting!

Abner was so angry that he kicked him out again, and sternly said: “You kid do not want to live, right? Is it death you desire? d*mn, when did my car become yours? “

When Zhao Zhuo heard this, he thought that Abner was also Jiang Ming’s creditor, thinking that he was also here to grab the car, so he desperately rushed up again, clinging to Abner’s leg, and shouting: “This Phaeton is mine! This Phaeton is mine! You can’t drive away!”

Abner was furious, grabbed his collar, and kept pulling his face fiercely: “Is your brain sick? Don’t you see I have the car key?”

Zhao Zhuo cried loudly: “No! This is Jiang Ming’s car. Jiang Ming owes me 620,000. I want to use this car to repay the debt. You can’t drive it away. You want me to drive it away. It’ll cost my life!”

“I’m fcking your mother!” Abner punched him again and scolded: “You really have a fcking brain problem! I tell you, this car itself belongs to Mr. me the kid Jiang Ming. He ran up to my car. I threw the car to him and let him recover it. Now that he is dead, I will naturally drive the car back. If you f*cking dare to talk too much, be careful I will now take your life!”

Zhao Zhuo cried and said, “How is this possible? This is impossible. This car is obviously Jiang Ming’s. Jiang Ming has two cars, one is a Mercedes-Benz and the other is a Phaeton. His Mercedes-Benz has crashed, so He drove the Phaeton now, and now that he is dead and still owes me so much money, I must take this car to repay the debt! If you don’t give me this car, then you kill me, and I don’t want to live!”

Abner is also about to collapse.

He didn’t expect this kid to be so stubborn who couldn’t be killed. He had beaten him like this, and he even dared to hold his leg and not let go.

But in broad daylight, he can’t really kill him, otherwise, even if he mix well, he can’t suppress such a big thing…

Thinking of this, he just wanted to get rid of the neurosis quickly, so he carried Zhao Zhuo to his Phaeton car like a chicken, pointed at the entire rear of the Phaeton that was hit, and said coldly: “Come on. Your dog’s eyes can see it clearly. Is there any injury on the back of this car? Why is there an injury? It was that Jiang Ming drove the Mercedes-Benz yesterday and rear-ended this Phaeton. Now you should believe it?”

Zhao Zhuo’s face was bloody, but he still shook his head and said, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! This car belongs to Jiang Ming! I want to use it to pay off debts, you can’t drive away!”

Abner felt helpless for the first time.

What should he do now? Can’t he really kill him?

But if he hit him like this, he won’t let go, just so entangled and consumed, this is not a way!

In desperation, he shouted to his little brother: “Willson Wu, you take out the driving license of this Phaeton from the armrest box of the Audi a6! Hurry up!”

The little brother hurriedly took out a certificate from the car and handed it over quickly.

Abner opened the certificate, handed it to him, pointed to the license plate number on the driving book of the car, and said, “You see the license plate number, is it this Phaeton?”

The car license is the ID card of a car, which records all the information of the car, including its license plate number, frame number, engine number registration date, registration place and its owner.

Zhao Zhuo narrowed his eyes and only glanced at it, and suddenly he felt as desperate as an ice cellar!

The license plate number on this driving permit is exactly the same as that of the Phaeton.

Moreover, the owner’s name written on this driving permit is called Abner, not Jiang Ming!