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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1055 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1055 Start

When Abner was upset, he didn’t expect that a rag squatting in front of his car would dare to act as a force!

Without saying anything, he directly raised his foot and kicked Zhao Zhuo to the ground. Then, before Zhao Zhuo turned over, he immediately rushed to punch him and kick him.

Zhao Zhuo who was beaten, yelled, angrily said: “Why are you hitting me? Why are you hitting me? did I provoke you, did I provoke you here, are you sick?”

Abner directly hit his nose with a fist, his face was covered with blood, and he cursed coldly: “You are all right, why squat in front of my car? You squat in front of my car and talk to me? Pretending to be forced, and I am not allowed to hit you?”

After finishing speaking, he punched again.

Zhao Zhuo, who was smashed, had a star in his eyes and almost passed out.

At this time, Abner’s little brother saw a fight here, so naturally he hurried to the door and got out of the car. After a word, he rushed to help his boss beat Zhao Zhuo severely.

Zhao Zhuo had been beaten miserably, and the other party suddenly added another helper, who beat him into despair.

At this time, he no longer had the enthusiasm that he had just now.

Seeing that the other party beating him nonstop, there is no fear at all, and they almost wants to beat him to death. Zhao Zhuo can no longer stand it. He cried and said, “Big brother, I was wrong, big brother, big brother, please don’t fight. Brother will die if you beat again, brother……”

Abner didn’t mean to stop in the slightest, and he cursed while beating: “I’m having a f*cking stomach and there is no place to vent, you just came to the door, I won’t kill you, I’m so sorry!”

Zhao Zhuo had been beaten to a faint, his face was full of blood, and he was completely inhuman.

At this moment, a tow truck suddenly drove up to the front. The tow truck driver was in the car and shouted through the window: “Hey, what are you doing? If you don’t stop, I will call the police!”

This person is the friend of Zhao Zhuo.

This kid has a good character and a sense of justice. In fact, he didn’t recognize it at all. The one who was beaten was Zhao Zhuo, but seeing the two men beaten so hard, a poor man with blood on his face, he decided to come forward.

At this time, the anger in Abner’s heart had also disappeared a lot, and all these anger had been transformed into force and hit Zhao Zhuo.

Seeing someone showed up and threatened to call the police, Abner felt that more things were better than less things, so he hurriedly left. After all, the big brother was still waiting for him.

So he said coldly to Zhao Zhuo: “Boy, today is your fate, otherwise I would have killed you!”

After speaking, he kicked Zhao Zhuo a few meters away, took out his car key, and opened the door of Phaeton.

Zhao Zhuo was already going into a coma. His swollen egg eyes narrowed into a small slit. He suddenly saw Abner open the Phaeton car door and sat in. He was suddenly anxious!

“Why are you driving my car!” Zhao Zhuo roared, and rushed towards the Abner, rolling on the ground.

Before Abner came back to his senses, his legs were already tightly hugged by Zhao Zhuo.