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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1053 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1053 Start

As soon as the other party said such unfeeling words directly, Zhao Zhuo did not dare to pretend to be forced.

He hurriedly said: “Good brother 800 is 800, you come fast, I am in a hurry.”

Convenience said: “You transfer the money from WeChat to me first, otherwise, what if you shake it a little bit? You have always been unreliable in doing things. I f*cking learned it a long time ago!”

Zhao Zhuo helplessly said: “Oh, elder brother, you have the final say, I will transfer the money to you from WeChat, you hurry up, don’t be too slow!”

“The money arrives before leaving, otherwise there will be no way to speak!”

Zhao Zhuo didn’t dare to delay any more, he quickly took out his mobile phone, immediately found the other party, and then transferred 800 to the other party.

But when he clicked to confirm the payment, he realized that his bank card balance was insufficient!

Only then did he realize that in order to let Jiang Ming help him make money, he had given him almost all of his family property. His thinking was simple, the more he gave, the more he earned, so he didn’t think much about it, and only left 500 for himself. Money for living expenses, planning to support Jiang Ming to give the money to himself.

As a result, he can’t even pay 800.

Zhao Zhuo could only pay him 500, and sent a voice begging: “Brother, I only have 500 in my card now. You should take the remaining 300 later, and I will pay you back immediately when I get the money.”

The other party directly responded with a voice: “Don’t come to this set with me, don’t I know you? Last time I went to Hong Kong with my girlfriend, you asked me to help you buy a set of cosmetics for your girlfriend, that set of cosmetics I bought for 1,320, and you only gave me 1,100. You said that you didn’t have enough money and you would pay me after the salary. What happened? You still owe me 220! How can I trust you again?”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly pleaded: “My good brother, it was indeed my fault last time. I really forgot about it! But this time you can rest assured that I will never forget! This 220, I will also Give it back to you, okay?”

“You first accept the 500, and then drive over to help me tow the car away. When I sell the car, I will pay you the remaining 520, OK? So, I will give you 600!”

The other party’s tone did not relax: “No, you must give me 800 today, otherwise I won’t come, sorry.”

After speaking, the other party clicked to collect the payment, and then returned 280 to him, saying: “This 220 is what you owe me, and you take the remaining 280. If you want me to tow, then you can take another 800. !”


Zhao Zhuo was almost mad. This kid didn’t come to help. He also deducted 220 from himself. Now he only has 280, and it is impossible to find a trailer!

Thinking of this, he could only gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, I’ll find someone to borrow money, and I borrowed enough 800 for you. Have you come and help me tow the head office?”

The other party greeted: “Yes, anyway, I’m fine now, I’ll come when your money arrives.”

Zhao Zhuo immediately sent a group message to his colleagues: “I am Zhao Zhuo. I have something urgent and need a few hundred for emergency help. Can you lend me 520? I will give you the salary!”

He only has 280 left in his hand, and wants the other party to help him tow the truck, which is 520 short.

As a result, the popularity of this grandson was really bad. He sent message to 60 or 70 colleagues in a group, and no one lent him money.

Even people in the 80s ignored him, and those who took care of him directly rejected him.

The reasons for refusal are naturally varied. Some say that they have no money, some say that the money has been deposited into financial management, and some say that they have lost their gambling.

In short, there is no one to lend him the money.

Zhao Zhuo, really couldn’t think of any way, so he could only call his girlfriend and asked, “Juan, can you lend me 520?”

His girlfriend panted violently and said, “Zhao Zhuo, are you sick? They are all boyfriends. They send 520 to their girlfriend. If you ask me to send it to you, do you want to be shameless? “

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly explained: “Juan, I didn’t mean that. I really have something wrong now. I need 520 urgently. You can lend it to me first and return it to you when I get pay.”

The other party said a few times, “…Zhao Zhuo…you…you…you are too unpromising. ….. You borrowed 520? How about your savings? Isn’t there more than a hundred thousand? Where did it go?”

Zhao Zhuo said: “Oh, this is a long story, so you can give me 520 to use it first, can’t I pay you back then?”