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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1052 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1052 Start

This car itself cost more than 2 million, and it hasn’t been a month since he bought it!

What’s more f*cking is that he was so stupid that he didn’t pull off and threw the crashed car directly to him!

He wanted to directly make him pay for the new car, but he didn’t expect that he was dead.

Now not only the new car has not been found, but the Phaeton that crashed into it is still unknown where it is!

Thinking of this, Abner gritted his teeth and said in his heart: “In any case, I must quickly find my smashed Phaeton, otherwise, I will lose a lot!”

Fortunately, he had asked the little brother to threaten the boy and knew where the boy lived.

So he didn’t dare to delay, and immediately said to Orvel: “Orvel, I have to deal with something first, and then come back when I finish it.”

Orvel nodded and said: “Then you go, and come back as soon as you are done. I will take you to the brilliant club in the evening.”

The crowd cheered.

Abner didn’t have the mind to think about brilliant club. He just wanted to quickly find his Phaeton!

He got up and came out of Classic Mansion. His little brother and driver was watching him get on an old Audi a6 and waiting at the gate of Classic Mansion.

Abner got into the car directly and said to his little brother: “Hurry up, go to the kid’s house from yesterday!”

The little brother asked in surprise: “Brother Abner, why are you going to the small house at this time? Don’t you eat with Orvel?”

Abner hurriedly urged: “Don’t talk nonsense and drive quickly. I’m afraid that my Phaeton will be taken away by others!”

Abner can be regarded as a person who has been in the underground world for a long time, so he is knowledgeable about many things.

He knew that once a person dies in an accident, there would be a lot of people spying on his property immediately around him.

He feel that now the boy is dead. What can he do if he does not get his stuff?

So he was worried about his Phaeton being taken away.

After all, the top-fit ​​Phaeton is still very valuable!

Thinking of this, he found another Phaeton key from the glove box of the Audi a6.

No matter what, he has to drive the car back first. Even if he spends money to repair the car, you can’t lose a Phaeton for nothing.

Zhao Zhuo came to the downstairs of Jiang Ming’s house before him.

Seeing that Phaeton was parked downstairs, he was immediately relieved.

As long as the Phaeton is still there, his debt will be fine.

But then he had another trouble. He couldn’t drive, and he didn’t have a car key. This Phaeton couldn’t be removed at all!

If the car can’t be taken away, it will naturally be impossible to sell it for money.

Thinking of this, he called a friend who was working in a repair shop and asked him: “Can you come to Jinx District and help me tow a car?”

The other party knows what kind of virtue Zhao Zhuo is. This grandson likes to take advantage of him. When he visits a friend’s house, he can’t wait to make two poops at his friend’s house in order to rub other people’s toilet paper and water.

So the other party immediately said to him: “The tow truck is okay, but you have to pay for it first. There are more than ten kilometers from here to the Jinx. You pay 800 first!”

Zhao Zhuo angrily scolded: “It’s just that way, you ask me for 800, why the h*ll don’t you grab it?”

The other party said disdainfully: “At this price, you love to procrastinate!”