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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1051 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1051 Start

At this moment, Zhao Zhuo felt that the whole world had collapsed in front of him.

He couldn’t believe that Jiang Ming was dead, but in the video, the picture of Jiang Ming falling into the river was so clear.

He knew that Jiang Ming was really dead. The biggest problem now is, who is going to ask for his 620,000?

If he can’t get the money back, he’ll be finished, completely finished.

Because this 500,000 usury will continue to make money, and finally turn to an astronomical figure, driving him to ruins.

So he immediately called 110 and called the police. After the call was connected, he said in a panic: “Comrade police, I was deceived. Someone deceived me 620,000, but he is dead now. What should I do?”

The police said: “If the person concerned is dead, then this matter cannot be handled by us. It is recommended that you file a lawsuit with the court to apply for the recovery of your claims from his estate, or apply for his guardian or his immediate family members. Especially the parents will pay for it.”

After hearing this, Zhao Zhuo immediately cried out: “Comrade Police, he is an orphan. He has no immediate family members or guardians. What should I do at this time?”

The police asked him: “Then what fixed assets does your debtor have? For example, a house or a car? If you have any, you can apply to the court for enforcement and sell his personal assets.”

Hearing this, Zhao Zhuo suddenly recovered.

Jiang Ming was clearly dead, but he still left a Mercedes and a Phaeton!

That Mercedes-Benz may be worth three to four hundred thousand, but that Phaeton is very valuable!

If he can get this Phaeton, he will not only be able to cover debts, but the extra money will also make him a small profit!

Anyway, this Jiang Ming is now dead, and he doesn’t have any relatives. It is only natural for him to take his property, and there should be no one to take care of it.

So Zhao Zhuo hung up the phone and drove the car straight to Jiang Ming’s house.

Jiang Ming didn’t buy a house in Aurous Hill, but he rented a one-bedroom apartment in a slightly remote place. Before the accident, his life was quite moist.

What Zhao Zhuo was thinking at this time was that after he goes to Jiang Ming’s house, he first thought of a way to tow Jiang Ming’s Phaeton away. He would definitely not be able to drive the car, but after towing it away, he could slowly figure out how to sell it.

He felt that even if a top-fit ​​Phaeton was dismantled and sold parts, the money could be sold back, so he would not lose money.

But he didn’t expect that at this moment, Abner was also watching that popular video on the Internet!

Today was originally Orvel’s treat. He and the core cadres of his staff were invited to have a meal at Classic Mansion, and Abner was among them.

But while they were eating, everyone suddenly started to pay attention to this video that turned out.

These are all people from the underground world of Aurous Hill, and they naturally know something about the Beggar Gang, and they have a certain knowledge of the Regnar Beggar Gang.

Suddenly seeing someone destroy the whole gang of beggars, one by one was stunned, and they immediately started discussing at the banquet.

They are all very concerned about who did this thing. At the same time, they lamented that this person’s ability is too strong. They didn’t put the Wu family in their eyes at all. They rushed into the Wu family’s turf and put Regnar, the heir of the Wu family. Nanshan’s brother-in-law, and all of Nanshan’s younger brothers were killed, this is simply not something that ordinary people can do.

Everyone speculated that this person must be a big figure in a certain super big family. Only Orvel knew very well in his heart that Mr. Wade must be handling everything!

At the beginning, Abner was just like everyone else, only caring about curiosity and gossip.

However, when he saw the scene where Jiang Ming was killed, his heart suddenly shook.

d*mn it! It turned out to be the kid who hit his car!

He hadn’t returned the car to before he was killed? !

Is this too nonsense?

He is dead, who will pay for his car?