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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1050 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1050 Start

While speaking, Aunt Lena asked in a low voice: “Charlie, did you make that video on the Internet? Did you find the children?”

Charlie smiled and said: “Aunt Lena, you look down on me too much, how can I have such a great ability.”

Aunt Lena was silent for a moment, sighed, and said: “I watched the video, Jiang Ming seems to be dead…I really didn’t expect this child to get this far…”

Charlie also sighed: “I also watched the video, Jiang Ming himself took the wrong path, Aunt Lena, don’t be too sad.”

“I know…” Aunt Lena said melancholy: “I thought I would definitely walk in front of each of your children. I was still thinking that in the future, when I am old and pass away, you will be there. At my memorial service, give me a flower…”

Speaking of this, Aunt Lena whispered softly: “I really didn’t expect that a child would die in front of me nowadays, Jiang Ming, this child…ah…too annoying, but What a pity…”

“Yeah!” Charlie said: “Aunt Lena, don’t think too much about it. I believe that Jiang Ming’s incident will alert many people. His death may cause more people to correct their evils. The society has done a good thing.”

Aunt Lena said: “You are right, Charlie, Auntie will not tell you for now. I have to take care of the children who wake up. Another day, don’t forget to come to the orphanage!”

“OK, Aunt Lena!”

Charlie hung up the phone, sighed, and walked into the house.


At this moment, Zhao Zhuo, who loves taking advantage very much. Just got off post.

Their factory work requirements are very strict, and it is strictly forbidden to carry mobile phones during working hours, so he has no knowledge of what happened today and the numerous news feeds on the Internet.

After he got off work, he changed into his clothes in the changing room, took out his mobile phone, looked down and found that there were countless WeChat reminders.

He opened WeChat curiously and found that the WeChat group of the original welfare institute had been fried.

Up to now, there are more than 3,000 messages that he hasn’t read!

He flipped to the top curiously and began to look down one by one.

At the beginning, he saw 10 children lost in the orphanage. He didn’t think it was so great. What does it have to do with him? He can’t get a penny if they are missing, and he can’t get a penny if they get back.

But when he looked down, he suddenly saw a video.

He hurriedly clicked on the video and watched it curiously. Halfway through, he was struck by lightning.

He did not expect that the person who stole 10 children from the orphanage would be Jiang Ming!

Seeing Jiang Ming kneeling on the ground and repenting, Zhao Zhuo couldn’t understand it!

How can someone like Jiang Ming steal the children of the orphanage, who can make double the profits in one week by operating a fund at random?

Jiang Ming has a Mercedes-Benz and a Phaeton at his young age, which is so good in the eyes of Excellence! He is the great god in his own eyes!

Looking further back, Jiang Ming actually stood on the bridge, then dropped to a head headshot, turned over and fell into the river…

Zhao Zhuo was so scared that he dropped the phone!

This…what the h*ll is going on…

Jiang Ming is dead! ?

He is dead, what about his 620,000? There are 500,000 loan sharks loans borrowed from the app! Isn’t this taking his own life!