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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 105 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 105 Start

Seeing Steven’s hard mouth, Charlie shook his head and sneered disdainfully: “You don’t even know the difference between a gourd and a jade plug? The old saying goes, “Jin and jade are in the nine orifices, and the dead are immortal.” You should always know the sentence?

“What kind of golden jade, dead people?” Steven was confused.

Charlie’s face was “You can’t teach a child”, and he shook his head and said, “I don’t know this? Have you always heard of Jiuqiaoyu?”

“What Nine Aperture Jade?” Steven was even more confused, looking at Charlie blankly.

Although Steven likes antiques, he doesn’t have the mind to study at all, that is, he buys what others say is good, and then goes out and pretends to be right.


Charlie sneered: “Nine-aperture jade is the jade plug used by the dead to plug the nine-apertures. There are seven orifices in the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes, plus the genital pores and excretory holes.

“Dead!!” Steven opened his mouth wide, his eyes rounded.

He glanced at the jade hanging around his neck in disbelief, and the hair on his back suddenly stood up.

Is this from a dead person?

Charlie said mockingly: “It seems that you really don’t understand. This in your hand is used by a dead person to plug the drain hole, which is the cylinder door. You even wear it on your neck, don’t you feel smelly?”

Steven couldn’t speak anymore, staring at the jade gourd in his hand, suddenly a strong feeling of nausea surged.

This jade gourd was actually stuffed in that place!

And I actually took it as a mascot and hung it around my neck for three years

The most d*mn thing is that because I like this thing so much, I often play with it in my mouth

Doesn’t this mean that I indirectly ate the ancients’ filth?


Steven couldn’t help it anymore, bending down and retching.

The crowd who were still scrambling to watch, now cast a mocking look at him.

Some even gloated at the misfortune, mocking Steven for being blind, and spending a lot of money to buy such a bad thing.

Charlie said coldly: “Also, this jade piece has been soaked in corpse qi for a long time, and it has sucked enough fierce aura. If you continue to wear it, you will surely die within a year.”

As soon as he finished his words, the crowd around Steven immediately “hulled” back, for fear of being contaminated by the ferocity on his body.

Ervin Jones, who was standing beside Steven, also ran to the very edge.

Although he is a half-bucket of water, and he usually does nothing but deceives, but he has also dealt with the thief fighting master, knowing that Charlie’s words are not groundless!

Steven was also frightened and looked up at Charlie in a daze.

Charlie’s face was cold, and he snorted: “Are you going to have a bad time this year? Have you had a bloody disaster like a car accident or something?”

Steven stared at Charlie blankly, completely stunned.

He did have a bad fortune this year, and he had just had a car accident at the beginning of the year. If it hadn’t been for the crash-resistant Hummer that day, he would have given his life a long time ago.

However, the driver who drove was killed on the spot. He broke two ribs and spent half a month in the hospital before returning home.

Steven burst into a cold sweat, pulled the jade piece off his neck, waved, and threw it far away.

The crowd backed away quickly, for fear of causing trouble to the upper body.

Seeing Steven’s guilty conscience, Charlie sneered in his heart. If he hadn’t reminded him today, if Steven continued to wear it, he would definitely die this year.

“Who are you!” Steven gritted his teeth and glared at Charlie.

This person knows too much, is it someone sent by the enemy?

“I am someone you can’t afford.”