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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1047 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1047 Start

Roger felt very wronged.

He also wanted to help his father share his worries, but he didn’t expect this PR guru to be so unreliable!

Not only unreliable, but also dare to betray him!

He was extremely angry and said to Regnar: “Dad! The PR guru took my money and dared to expose me. I must smash him into pieces!”

Regnar said coldly: “You are really not ordinary stupid. How can he dare to fight against our Wu family for a mere unscrupulous sailor? It must be the people behind this thing who are doing us!”

Roger hurriedly asked: “Dad, who do you think did this thing? Who is so bold that not only did he dare to kill my uncle and the core members of the entire gang of beggars, but also dare to openly confront the Wu family!”

Regnar gritted his teeth and said: “I’m also considering this issue, but I really can’t imagine, who has such a great energy, and these families who have had some conflicts with us during the festival have long been convinced by us. They simply don’t have the ability to plan such a big thing…”

Roger couldn’t help asking: “Dad, what do you mean is that a stronger family targeting us?”

Regnar sighed: “I can’t figure it out now, but I suddenly felt that this matter might have something to do with Charlie in Aurous Hill!”

“Charlie?!” Roger exclaimed, and said, “He shouldn’t have such a great energy? It’s possible to say that it’s possible to be a local snake in Aurous Hill, but how could he have such strength? Catch all the core members of the Beggar Gang? Even the Wu family may not have such strength!”

Regnar nodded and said, “What you said is indeed reasonable, but the reason why I judge this is because I just saw a message on the Internet!”

Roger hurriedly asked: “What is it?”

Regnar said with a black face, “You d*mn uncle, the batch of children he wanted to buy this time was stolen from the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute.”

Speaking of this, Regnar paused slightly, gritted his teeth and said: “I investigated the identity of this Charlie before. He grew up in the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute!”

“It turned out to be like this!” Roger exclaimed, and said, “If you say that, the children who were stolen this time can be regarded as Charlie’s younger siblings!”

“Right!” Regnar said: “That’s why I speculated that this matter should be inseparable from Charlie!”

Roger couldn’t help asking: “Dad, how can Charlie do this? Even his backers in Aurous Hill don’t have such a strong ability! Even if the Song family comes forward, they can’t have such a strength!”

Regnar said with some worry: “So this is what I worry about the most. If the Song family is his backer, then I am not afraid at all, but I am afraid of Issac!”

Back in Aurous Hill, Regnar and his son were beaten out of Shangri-La by Issac.

At that time, both of them had their legs broken, and finally waited for the helicopter to arrive. Issac didn’t even allow the helicopter to land in the square in front of Shangri-La. It can be said that the Wu father and son were not given any face.

However, Issac is a member of the Wade family, everyone knows this, so the Wu family father and son dare not ask him to settle accounts.

Regnar now suspects that the person who has the ability to kill the entire gang of beggars in Suzhou in a short time is Issac!

Hearing this judgment, Roger couldn’t help but get nervous. He looked at Regnar and blurted out and asked, “Dad, why does Issac help that Charlie? He himself is just the spokesperson of the Wade family.”

“It stands to reason that if it was his own decision, he would not be able to mobilize such a powerful force. There must be a lot of Wade Family relationships behind this incident. How dare he use Wade Family relationships for Charlie? ?”

“Could it be…”

When Roger said this, his face had become extremely ugly.

He looked at his father and asked in a low voice, “Dad, that Charlie wouldn’t be a member of the Wade family? This would make sense. He is a member of the Wade family. That’s why Issac gave him face like this. He is Wade Family, so he can have such a great energy!”