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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1045 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1045 Start

This PR named Anfen and guarding oneself is nothing but a shameless ordinary person.

Although he has some ability to call on the PR, in front of a real top hacker, he is simply a transparent person.

After the hacker hacked into his computer, he immediately investigated his personal information.

First of all, this person is from Hui Province and his family is in Lu’an City.

Secondly, this person has indeed just received 20 million in cash from the Wu family.

Again, this man stupidly used his bank card to collect the money.

And the hacker also found the chat history between him and Wu’s family.

In the chat log, Roger asked him if he could help the Wu family whitewash. He immediately said that he had 10,000 ways to help whitewash, and he had done this more than once.

He also took out the case of helping Wu Qi whitewash and preached, in order to make Roger believe in his strength and willing to give him this list.

After the hacker got the information and chat records, he immediately reported it to Issac.

Issac reported to Charlie again and asked him: “How do you plan to do this, Master?”

Charlie said lightly: “We should have observer in Lu’an, right?”

Issac nodded immediately and said, “Of course, every city in the country has our observers.”

“Okay!” Charlie said with satisfaction: “If this is the case, it will be staged immediately, and this person will be caught by me first. Lu’an should not be far from Aurous Hill, right?”

Issac said: “The straight-line distance is just over 200 kilometers.”

Charlie said, “The helicopter will arrive in less than an hour. In this way, you can have someone catch him now and send him directly to Orvel’s dog farm by helicopter.”

“In addition, after catching him, let the hacker expose all the information to the Internet, I want to completely ruin the Wu family.”

“Okay!” Issac nodded and immediately began to order.

Lu’an is a small city in Hui Province. Its economic development is not impressive, and housing prices and consumption are not high.

And this leader of the PR forces, who is called Anfen has not finished his elementary school and basically has no culture. He belongs to the bottom of society. If he starves to death, it won’t bother many.

However, the Internet age gave this person a chance to achieve something for himself. He started cursing on the Internet at first. Earlier, if one gave him 50 cents, he could hire him to scold others on the Internet for a day. Later, he gradually found the trick. As a PR soldier, he is now a rich man in this small city, living in a single-family villa and driving a Mercedes-Benz car, and he has the feeling of being a master.

Today, an accident in the Wu family brought him 20 million in income, which made him ecstatic.

At this time, he didn’t care about eating, so he arranged work for his PR soldiers at home and asked them to use various methods to help the Wu family clean up, and even asked them to spread rumors that a popular star cheated, hoping to rely on the news that the rumors star cheated. To attract the enthusiasm of Wu’s news.

He is already familiar with work like this, so the arrangement is very smooth.

But he didn’t know that at this moment, there was already a team of people starting from the city and rushing to the villa area where he was.

Just as he had just finished arranging the work and was enjoying himself with a cigarette in his mouth, the door of the villa was suddenly opened with a door breaker!

Immediately afterwards, a group of people in black with live ammunition rushed into the villa.

He and his family were frightened suddenly.