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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1044 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1044 Start

Later, by chance, he got in touch with the Wu family.

Earlier, Roger’s younger brother Wu Qi was exposed online because he gave a little girl psychological hints and induced a her to jump off the building.

At that time, the Wu family let this PR guru come forward and forced the Wu Qi killing the little girl story, twisting it into a little girl who was greedy for vanity and tried to marry into a wealthy family. In the end, she failed to pursue Wu Qi. She threatened him by jumping off the building. Finally died accidentally.

At that time, the head of the PR used his shameless and powerful PR lineup to reverse black and white on the Internet, making netizens mistakenly believe that it was a little girl who was eating the bad results, and finally caused a large number of netizens to scold the little girl on the Internet for what she deserved. The girl’s parents had no way of upbringing, and finally forced the parents who lost their only daughter to take medicine at home and die.

After the parents died after taking the medicine, the PR guru deliberately suppressed the news that the two had committed suicide. He even made up a lie, claiming that the two had scammed away from the Wu family, tens of millions in compensation, and then left. Emmigrated to the United States.

Netizens who don’t know the truth thought it was all true, and even when the other’s parents were dead, they still abused them online.

This PR guru is not only not ashamed, but proud of it, and often declares to the public that this is a classic of his own public relations.

This shows how s*umbag this person is.

What’s even more ridiculous is that this PR guru has become such a lowly sc*m that he actually gave himself a screen name, called Anfen!

This time, the leader of the PR forces called Anfen, after receiving 20 million from the Wu family, started his performance again.

He posted on major websites, claiming: “The majority of netizens are being used by people with unpredictable intentions. Regnar is the most famous entrepreneur and the largest philanthropist in the city. No one pays more attention to minors than he does. Health and safety, how could he indulge Nanshan and do these unreasonable things? This incident shows that someone deliberately wanted to plant the Wu family and make the Wu family collapse, so that he could profit from it.”

He even swears to the sky in the post: “If he makes a false statement, the sky will thunder and thunder and the whole family will die.”

In order to make everyone believe him, he specifically listed the Wu Group’s competitors in various fields, and claimed that these companies may be behind the scenes, and it is even possible that these companies are uniting and want to deal with the Wu family.

Then, this person also mobilized the whole family to bring rhythm with the water army account.

At this moment, Charlie was still on the helicopter returning to Aurous Hill.

He brushed some web portals at will, and he was quite relieved to see that everyone was aiming at the Wu family.

Regardless of whether Regnar personally participated in these conscientious things, he was the chief culprit who helped Nanshan to be the abuser.

If it were not for him to support Nanshan, Nanshan would not have the opportunity to get up, let alone poison so many minors.

Therefore, although Nanshan is dead, the Wu family must also pay for this matter!

But when he was browsing all kinds of comments, he suddenly found a post from a netizen called Anfen.

After reading it, he was very upset with this person’s remarks.

Therefore, he instructed Issac: “Find the best hacker, touch this person’s information, and see if he has collected the Wu family’s money, and if so, expose all the evidence chains, making Wu family worse. !”

Issac nodded immediately and said: “Okay young master, I will make arrangements!”

Charlie said again: “By the way, locate me the actual address of the PR army and catch him to Mr. Orvel’s kennel!”

Issac asked: “Mr. Wade how do you deal with this PR guru?”

Charlie said coldly: “The rumormaker, must die!”