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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1042 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1042 Start

Some companies have a market value of more than tens of billions, but only a few hundred million will fall, and their assets have shrunk by more than 90!

Some companies just have a little problem with their products, and they may end up in bankruptcy. But compared to the Wu family’s charges, what counts?

This time, the Wu family might have to carry all the scapegoats for Nanshan’s beggar gang, and all the conscientious things he did might end up on the Wu family!

Regnar was extremely nervous at this time, because he knew very well in his heart that what the Wu family was facing this time might be a catastrophe!

So he immediately said to his assistant: “I immediately issued a statement in the name of the group. Although Nanshan is indeed brother-in-law of Regnar, our Wu family has no knowledge of what Nanshan did, and all of Nanshan’s behavior. It is his personal responsibility. Regnar and the entire Wu family don’t know or don’t endrose any of it. At the same time, we will prove ourselves to the police because we have nothing to do with Nanshan’s illegal and criminal activities. Don’t be misled by someone with a heart, and bring the rhythm!

The assistant nodded immediately and blurted out: “Okay Chairman, I will arrange for someone to issue a statement now!”

Yaqina was immersed in the immense pain of losing her younger brother and the family’s bloodline. She suddenly heard her husband say that he would leave all ties with his younger brother, and suddenly said, “Regnar, do you have a conscience? Your brother-in-law, he is my own brother, he has been killed now, he has been killed, can you understand?! Not only did you not give him revenge, but you still have to get rid of him?! Are you still human?”

Regnar is also getting angry, because if this matter is not handled well, it is very likely that the whole Wu family will be affected.

Seeing that his wife is still defending her d*mn brother, Regnar resented and scolded sharply, “If it wasn’t for your [email protected] brother, how could my Wu family be so passive? I told you a long time ago to persuade him. Advise him not to do this kind of things, you just won’t listen!”

“You protect him everywhere and defend him everywhere. I say a word and you won’t let me say it. Now it’s alright. Someone walks the way for the sky. It doesn’t matter if he is dead, it will tire my Wu family too!”

When Yaqina heard this, she was almost so angry that she was about to collapse. She gritted her teeth, raised her hand and grabbed Regnar’s face.

Regnar couldn’t dodge, and Yaqina immediately scratched his face with blood!

Yaqina’s nails were already long, making it so strong that she scratched his skin and flesh, so that the crevices of her fingernails were full of bloody flesh!

Regnar screamed with pain, and was even more angry. He grabbed Yaqina’s collar, raised his hand, and slapped her face several times.

He slapped the face and cursed: “Yaqina, do you know? Your brother is about to hurt me miserably! I can’t bear it for your brother for a long time. If it weren’t for your face, I would want it without others. His life, do you know what I regret most now? What I regret most is that I didn’t kill him with my own hands, that b*tch! Now he turned into a bomb, died by himself, and exploded me too Beyond recognition!”

Yaqina and Regnar have fought after so many years of marriage.

Now that the younger brother is dead, she was suddenly slapped so much by Regnar, and she has completely lost her mind.

“Regnar, you are not a human! I was blind and misunderstood you! If you don’t help my brother get revenge, I will go by myself. From today on, I have nothing to do with you!”

After Yaqina finished speaking, she was about to run outside.

Roger wanted to chase her, Regnar sternly shouted: “You will come back for me! What are you doing chasing at this time? Will chasing back not cause us trouble? Don’t you know what matters most to the Wu family now?”

Roger suddenly realized, and blurted out: “Dad! I’m going to find a group of PR soldiers to help us wash the white! No matter how much money we spend!”