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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1041 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1041 Start

Regnar and Yaqina were close to each other, staring at their mobile phones, after watching this thrilling video that broke them completely.

Seeing her brother strangled her sister-in-law, she was panicked to the extreme. When she saw her brother was welded to death in the car and sinking into the river with the car, she collapsed completely, and her legs became soft and paralyzed. She then fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, she cried out desperately: “Nanshan! My brother! You died so miserably! You are dead, and our Xue family is dead! How will your sister face our parents, How to face the ancestors of our Xue family!”

After that, she tried her best to hit the ground with her fist, and shouted hysterically: “My good brother, you tell your sister who killed you! Your sister must break him into pieces, and take revenge for you! People are so cruel!”

When Roger saw that his mother’s fist had been smashed into flesh and blood, he hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed her hand and persuaded: “Mom, my uncle is gone, so don’t do that…”

Yaqina was crazy, grabbing her husband by the collar, desperately shaking her mouth and shouting crazy: “Regnar, who killed your brother-in-law?! You must find him! Get him out! Bring him to me, let me kill him personally and avenge my brother!”

Regnar was extremely upset at this time.

He didn’t care if Nanshan was dead or alive.

It can even be said that he had long been expecting Nanshan to die.

He had long been fed up with Nanshan’s unpromising things, backed by his own brother-in-law, and doing sordid things like abducting women and children would only discredit his face!

But he never thought that Nanshan would die in this way.

It doesn’t matter if he is dead.

But he is dead, he can’t affect the whole Wu family!

It’s better now, before this little [email protected] died, he pushed everything to the Wu family!

He even called his name publicly, saying that he was supporting him behind his back. Isn’t this pushing himself on the road to absolutes?

How do people outside look at Wu’s family and how do they look at themselves?

Without even thinking about it, he knew that Wu’s current reputation must have been in a mess and plummeted!

This is all thanks to Nanshan this dog thing!

At this moment, Regnar’s assistant ran over quickly and blurted out: “Chairman, it’s not good. Chairman, now the whole country is scolding Wu family and scolding you. The broker called me just now and said that if you continue like this As the situation continues, several of our listed group stocks will immediately drop by their limit at the opening of the market tomorrow, and will drop by at least 10 times in a row! By that time, the entire Wu family’s assets will have lost more than half!”

The biggest fear of listed companies is the collapse of reputation.

Once a listed company is exposed to a huge scandal, the first thing that will be reflected is the stock price. The stock will continue to fall, continue to fall, and receive a point that no one can imagine!