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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1040 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1040 Start

At this time, Regnar and his wife Yaqina were comforting, and they had just looking at their son.

As the eldest son and grandson, Roger was carrying the dinner prepared by the servant and came to his grandfather’s room.

When he just opened the door, he saw the Old Master lying on the carpet, twitching constantly, foaming at his mouth, his face pale!

Roger was taken aback, and hurriedly stepped forward to check and found that the Old Master seemed to have had a stroke. When he looked at his hand, he was holding his cell phone tremblingly. There was a video on the cell phone. How could the person on the video look like this? His uncle?

He subconsciously picked up the phone and took a look. He just saw his little uncle go crazy, pinched his aunt’s neck, and strangled her directly…

When Roger shivered, his mobile phone was thrown out.

When he was shocked by the content of the video, the Old Master beside him had already lost his breath.

Roger was shocked and rushed out the door, shouting at the servant and the doctor.

The doctor arrived quickly and began to give first aid to the Old Master.

Soon, Regnar and his wife rushed over after hearing the news.

“What’s going on?! Why did the Old Master suddenly have a stroke?!”

As soon as Regnar arrived, he immediately questioned the Wu family’s expert doctor.

The doctor immediately said: “Chairman Wu, Master should have been irritated, and he was suddenly irritated, almost like last time!”

“What happened?!”

Regnar was extremely puzzled, what happened? Why is it suddenly stimulated to have a stroke?

At this time, Roger in the corner watched all the videos circulating on the Internet, and came to Regnar and Yaqina with a pale and weak face, and said in a panic: “Dad, mom, uncle killed my aunt, and then someone killed him. Young uncle and all the core members of his Beggar Gang, even the same group of human traffickers, a dozen or so people, all welded to an Iveco, dropped into river…”


When the couple heard this, what was their first reaction?

How can there be such a thing in this era?

Weld a dozen people in the car river? How arrogant is this?

Besides, Nanshan’s gang of beggars in Suzhou and the whole province are all standard local dragons, and ordinary people can’t provoke them at all, let alone ordinary people, it is impossible for people with authority to provoke them.

And the entire gang of beggars has more than 10,000 men. Who has the ability to kill all the core members of the gang of beggars?

Yaqina touched her son’s forehead, and couldn’t help but said, “Son, are you having a fever? Then it’s my brother and aunt, how can you arrange them like this?”

Roger hurriedly said: “Oh, what I said is true. It has spread all over the Internet now, and before my uncle died, he admitted to the camera that our Wu family was his backer, and he relied on our family. That’s why we have done so many things that hurt the world and reason. Now the whole internet is scolding our Wu family!”

“What?!” The couple were shocked.

Regnar immediately grabbed the phone from him and blurted out: “Which vidoe is it? I will have a look at it.”

Roger immediately found the video and clicked to play!

At this time, Regnar was sweating nervously, staring at the screen of his mobile phone. He knew what his brother-in-law had done. If he really asked the Wu family to take care of him, then the reputation of the Wu family would be all over!

Yaqina also raised her heart to her throat. She still couldn’t believe that her brother and younger siblings were all dead!