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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 104 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 104 Start

“Okay.” Charlie agreed, with an extremely relaxed attitude, “Thinking of artificial bloodstone as chicken blood jade, I can only say that you are really a talent.”

Steven was ridiculed by him, his face flushed, he turned his head fiercely and said to the crowd watching the whole scene.

“Boss Jones and Boss Li, you two will appraise me to see if this bracelet is true or not.”

The two people named by him suddenly showed embarrassment and looked at each other.

Appraisal of antiques, whether they are true or false, is offensive, and it might offend colleagues.

“Steven, we both have limited knowledge, we really can’t see it.”

Steven said angrily: “Don’t think I don’t know what yours is. You give me a good appraisal, no matter whether it is genuine or not, you will not trouble me! But if you fool around, I will find someone to appraise it afterward. I can’t spare you for telling lies.”

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Steven!”

The two came forward in shock.

No one dared to offend Mr. Steven when doing business in Antique Street.

Therefore, the two antique shop owners had to bite the bullet and take a look at the jade string.

A few minutes later, one of the bosses gave a shuddering dry smile: “Steven, that little brother is right, your bracelets”

“Say!” Steven sneered coldly.

The boss was frightened and said quickly, “Your bracelet is indeed artificial bloodstone, not jade.”

As soon as his voice fell, Steven’s face turned green, bloodshot, and flushed quickly, as if being slapped in public.

His throat swallowed fiercely as if to be angry.

The two bosses were so frightened that they drew back into the crowd, not daring to appear again.

Charlie smiled and said, “Do you believe it now? Buying a bunch of artificial stones for 1.5 million, Mr. Steven is indeed rich.”

“This time I missed you!” Steven gritted his teeth and said, “Isn’t it just one and a half millions? Do you think I will pay the money? Even if my bracelets are fake, my jade gourd is always real, absolutely genuine!”

For this jade gourd, Steven is 100% confident!

Because he did find an expert to appraise it, this gourd is indeed a good ancient jade, and it is in the Sui Dynasty!

Charlie snorted coldly: “If you can wear such a big evil thing as a treasure, I’m afraid there will be no second fool like you in the world!”

“What are you talking about! It’s just silly!”

Steven roared sharply, and the blue veins on his forehead protruded.

Charlie said faintly: “You have collected such a fierce thing next to your skin. You are lucky if you haven’t died yet.”

Steven’s face was ugly, but with the lessons learned just now, he was not sure whether Charlie’s words were true or false. He stared and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Look at the shape of this jade gourd!”

Charlie said coldly: “Did you not check when you received the jade, what exactly do jade pieces of this shape do?”

Steven yelled with some confidence: “This isn’t this Sui Emperor’s coming-of-age ceremony! The gourd represents auspiciousness, and everyone who deals in jade knows this. I know this better than you poor guy! You know what a sh!t!”