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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1039 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1039 Start

When Jiang Ming died, Charlie suddenly felt a little sad.

He was sad not because he sympathized with Jiang Ming, but because he felt that a person had become what he hated the most. This was indeed a kind of sadness.

Jiang Ming was in his youth. If it were not for going astray, he would have the opportunity to change his destiny. Perhaps in a few years, he could also marry the girl, become the CEO, and reach the pinnacle of life.

But life is like this. Some pits can be crosed, and some pits cannot be crosed.

Looking at the billowing river, a person was hurt for a moment and said to Issac: “Okay, you help me take the children back, send them to the hospital for the doctor to check if there is any serious problem, and then notify the welfare institution to come over. “

Issac nodded and asked, “Mr. Wade what should we do with the rest of the beggar?”

Charlie sighed: “There are tens of thousands of evil beggars, and they can’t be killed. I only hope that the death of the heads of the beggars can make the people below wake up a bit, and don’t do this kind of things in the future.”

After speaking, he said again: “By the way, let all the people on the scene today stop talking nonsense after returning.”

Issac immediately said: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I understand!”

Charlie said: “Okay, let’s go back!”

Issac hurriedly used the walkie-talkie to order: “One group, send all the children to Aurous Hill People’s Hospital, and the second group, escort the young master back to Aurous Hill!”

After a few minutes.

Charlie had already boarded the helicopter on his way back, but the altitude of the plane was not high, and the cell phone signal was not affected.

So Charlie put the video he had taken in YouTube and processed it, mainly to change his voice so that it was unrecognizable, and then uploaded the processed video to the Internet.

This period of time is a bit long, very shocking, and some bloody videos. Once released, they immediately became popular on the Internet.

Originally, the loss of 10 children in Aurous Hill Welfare Institute today has become the target of attention of netizens across the country. The popularity on the Internet has surpassed all other news, ranking first in the major rankings!

Almost the people of the whole country are holding their mobile phones and watching this shocking video!

Now this video has brought this event to a perfect ending. The bad guys are punished and the children are rescued. It immediately aroused the zealous blood in the hearts of the people across the country.

Especially in the section where all the core members of the Beggar Gang were welded to the River in vehicle, countless netizens were excited and applauded.

People all over the country want to know who did this? Who made this video?

However, Charlie dealt with all other information, and did not even leave a back view to the netizens.

At the same time, because they learned that Regnar of the Wu family is the backer of the beggar gang leader Nanshan, the whole network criticized them.

Hundreds of millions of people scolded Wu’s family online and asked the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

The reputation of the Wu family was destroyed.

Just when this video went viral on the entire network, and countless people reposted, commented, liked, and applauded, the whole gang of beggars was completely exploded!

They did not expect that none of their gang leaders, two deputy gang leaders, and the nine elders were spared!

This made the middle-level leaders of the gang of beggars almost all start, desperate to run away overnight.

The Wu family didn’t know all of this at this time. Wu Qi just added a meal and caused the whole Wu family to jump around.

The Old Master of the Wu family was greatly stimulated last time, and he has just recovered from this period.