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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1038 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1038 Start

The most painful thing in the world is to realize that you will never be able to catch up with your enemy in a few lifetimes.

At this moment, Jiang Ming is already completely ashamed!

He looked at Charlie with tears and choked up: “Charlie, I take it, I really take it, you kill me, I am tired of the world, and I am tired of myself. ….. Please let me out…”

Charlie nodded and looked at him seriously: “Jiang Ming, of all the people who are going to die today, your crime is the lightest; but also among everyone who is going to die today, everyone committed a capital crime, of course. Including you, I hope you can have a good baby in your next life!”

Jiang Ming smiled miserably and said, “In my next life… after hearing you just finished your story, I suddenly felt that a person like me might be born with a hard life. If given another life, I can’t do it. Still an orphan, maybe it’s still a stinking silk in the eyes of a few people…”

Charlie nodded with a flat expression and said, “In this case, then I hope you can be a good person in your next life.”

Jiang Ming nodded seriously and smiled sadly: “As you said, I myself have begun to hate myself. I hope I can be a good person in my next life.”

After that, his whole person was calmer. He was scared of incontinence just now, but at this time, he was able to hold on calmly and stood up by himself.

He stood in front of Charlie and said seriously: “Charlie, let me go on the road, send those children back safely, tell Aunt Lena that I am wrong, tell all my friends, I am wrong, I I regret it, I used my life to atone for my sins…”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since you really know that you were wrong, then I will give you a happy one.”

With that said, Charlie said to Issac: “Weld all those people in Iveco, and then let the helicopter hoist the car into river!”

“OK Master!”

The helicopter took off again.

Ive Currie, the core member of the Beggar Gang and Liu Zhaochen’s family, kept crying out the last despair.

Everyone was struggling hard, but at this time not only they were welded to death, but the car was also welded to death, it was impossible for them to escape.

Then the helicopter simply threw the Iveco full of sins into the river.

This Iveco made a rapid bubble on the surface of the river, and then it sank completely to the bottom!

Charlie turned his head to look at Jiang Ming at this time, and said lightly: “I promise to give you a pleasure, not to make you die as painful as they did.”

Jiang Ming smiled miserably and nodded: “Thank you, Charlie.”

Charlie nodded slightly, and said to a man in black next to him: “Take him to the bridge and give him something simple.”

The man in black nodded: “OK Master!”

Before the man in black could get started, Jiang Ming staggered towards the bridge.

He climbed onto the guardrail, turned to Charlie and said, “Charlie, give me a good time!”

Charlie looked at the man in black and nodded slightly.

Afterwards, the man in black took a black pistol from his waist and aimed it at Jiang Ming’s forehead.


A bloody flower burst out of the back of Jiang Ming’s head!

Immediately afterwards, his body leaned back, fell off the bridge, plunged into the river, and was instantly swallowed by the rolling river…