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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1037 Free Novel

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Jiang Ming has lived for more than 20 years, and what Charlie said was the most shocking and incredible sentence he had heard in his life.

With bloodshot eyes, he observed at Charlie’s face and muttered: “Impossible, how is this possible? I know you, I have known you since I was a child, your name is Charlie, you are an orphan! You were eight and taken back to the orphanage by Aunt Lena when you were 20 years old. You were like me. In this society, there is no support, no father and no mother. How could it be that you are the young master of the Wade family?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I know, it’s hard for you to believe this, but it’s really true. Otherwise, how could you think I could mobilize so many people to chase you casually? Look at these helicopters. , Look at these people in black with live ammunition, if I were not the young master of the Wade family, you should have succeeded this time.”

“But…but…” Jiang Ming asked incredulously: “If you are the young master of Wade’s family, why did you grow up in the orphanage? Why didn’t they treat you and took you away? Why let you, a young master in oblivion live with a stinky silk like us since childhood?”

Charlie smiled and said: “They didn’t know my whereabouts back then. Before my father died, it took a lot of hard work to hide my identity. Although the Wade family has been looking for me, they never thought I will grow up in an orphanage.”

Jiang Ming immediately asked: “Then they found you again now? When did it happen? Why is this?”

Charlie said: “They came to me some time ago. Before they found me, I was just like you, and I might not be as good as you, because at that time, I was not only physically Penniless, I still worked as a live-in son-in-law at my wife’s house. Every day I washed clothes and cooked. I didn’t see any hope in life. Unlike you, you can at least work as a director in a deceptive company.”

Jiang Ming blurted out: “You know that you are the young master of the Wade family. Since you are living in such a miserable life, why don’t you take the initiative to find them? As long as you take the initiative to find them, you don’t have to live a life of being looked down upon?”

Charlie smiled and said: “This is the difference between the two of us. I came from an extraordinary background, but I am willing to be humble; you come from a humble background, but you are not willing to be humble and ordinary. If you are like me and willing to be humble, how can you commit crimes? What’s the big mistake you made today?”

“I don’t understand!” Jiang Ming desperately shook his head, already a little irrational and said: “I don’t understand! I really don’t understand! Is it because you saw money when you were young? Can you go on?”

“Perhaps.” Charlie smiled faintly, and said: “When I was young, I was really rich in clothes and every other aspect. The life I lived at that time may be something you can’t imagine now, but what about it? I didn’t live well. Happy not, my parents were not happy either.”

Jiang Ming asked incredulously: “Then are you willing to suffer poverty? When you were a kid, you obviously experienced a rich life, but when you have nothing, don’t you miss that life?”

Charlie sighed lightly and said again: “Jiang Ming, you take money too seriously. You can take money very seriously, but I can’t take money too seriously. There are certain things that money can never match. For example, your ideals, your love, your principles, and your conscience. Once you put your position in the wrong place, you will do things wrong. Some things can be changed if they are wrong, and some things cannot be changed even if they are wrong. “

At this moment, Jiang Ming finally realized how humble he was.

Because Charlie in front of him, Charlie who grew up in the orphanage with him since childhood, turned out to be the young master of the Wade Family of Eastcliff!

It was also at this moment that he knew how far he was from Charlie.

He finally knew the gap between the two.

It’s the gap between the vulture and the eagle!

It is the gap between pheasant and phoenix!

It is the crucian carp that crosses the river, the gap with the real dragon on earth!

As the saying goes, the vulture is well aware of eagle’s ambition. This sentence is now placed on himself and Charlie, it is really appropriate.

It was also at this moment that Jiang Ming finally gave in completely.

He knew that not only did he lose in this life, but also in the next life.

It is no longer possible for himself to seek revenge from Charlie, and if Charlie kills him, it is as easy as crushing an ant.

He is the same as Liu Zhaochen’s family, and the members of the Beggar Gang, except that Charlie is a real dragon on earth, a small fish and shrimp that yawns to death.

Jiang Ming’s face was instantly filled with despair.

Just now, he was thinking about his next life, or seeking revenge on Charlie in the next life.

But at this moment, he really understood that even if he had another life, he probably wouldn’t have the qualification to seek revenge against Charlie.