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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1036 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1036 Start

Therefore, the Wu family is an absolute accomplice.

Charlie believed that Regnar would be very, very uncomfortable after this video was released.

Didn’t he want to confront him?

Isn’t he secretly looking for his enemy, ready to unite and attack him?

Sorry, this young master is already impatient with waiting, so take your brother-in-law first!

So Charlie immediately said to Issac: “Put all the members of this gang of beggars into that Iveco, and then weld the steel bars on their hands to the car body!”


Issac gave an order, and many people in black rushed up quickly. Every two people grabbed one and brought them all into the car, which had been cut off and topped Iveco.

The children of Iveco have been taken to the helicopter and continue to fall asleep.

The people in black didn’t have any kindness to them even if these people were crying and howling.

Immediately after the electric welding machine started up again, the steel bars were wrapped around their wrists. This time they directly welded the steel bars on their wrists to the car.

The welding caused a violent high temperature, and this group of people howled.

The whole scene is like purgatory on earth.

At this time, Charlie looked at Liu Zhaochen’s family of five, and said coldly: “Your family, do some sneaking and petting businesses. You won’t change after repeated teachings, you are extremely nasty, and are inferior to astupidls! It’s really everyone’s possession and condemnation! Today I will walk for the sky and send your family on the road!”

After finishing speaking, he ignored the hoarse pleadings of the Liu family, and directly let the people in black bring them into Iveco, and weld them firmly with the others.

At the scene, Jiang Ming, who was almost frightened, was left alone.

Jiang Ming’s eyes towards Charlie were so empty that they lost his soul.

His whole body was shivering constantly, and his mouth murmured: “Charlie, we have grown up together, I beg you to forgive me, I am not a heinous person, I don’t want to die…please you see, for the sake of growing up together for so many years, spare my life…”

Charlie lowered his head to see that his crotch was already covered with filthy things, and it seemed that he had already incontinence.

His face looked like frost, and he said coldly: “Jiang Ming, when you are born, you have to know what you can do and what you can’t do. The 100,000-volt high-voltage line will kill if you touch it. When you are a first-time offender, and you are open, not to mention that you grew up in a welfare institution. Child trafficking is a high-voltage line that no one can touch, and the one we should not touch is orphans like us. I don’t understand this truth, so what’s the point of your life?”

Jiang Ming crumbled and grabbed his hair and tore a large bunch of hair. Then he raised his head and looked at Charlie with blood-red eyes: “Charlie, before I die, I have one more question I hope you can answer. Can you satisfy my wish?”

Charlie nodded and said: “For the sake of growing up together, I will satisfy your wish. No matter what question, I will answer you. However, after I answer you, after yo get my answer, you are going away from this world!”

Jiang Ming shuddered suddenly, staring at Charlie, and asked: “Charlie…who are you…what are you, who can have such great energy… ..”

Charlie smiled slightly, even if he was right, Jiang Ming would definitely ask him this question.

So, he squatted down, looked at Jiang Ming’s eyes, and said word by word: “Jiang Ming, what I want to tell you next, even my wife doesn’t know it. This may be the last thing you get before you die. An answer, so I hope you can listen carefully.”

Jiang Ming swallowed hard, nodded hard, and said with a trace of unwillingness in his eyes: “Don’t worry, I will listen carefully to every word you say, so that I can come to you for revenge in my next life. !”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “Then listen carefully! I am from the Wade family of Eastcliff…!”