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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1035 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1035 Start

Charlie pointed the phone at him and asked, “What is your name? What occupation?”

Nanshan tremblingly said: “My name is Nanshan and I am the leader of the Beggar Gang.”

Charlie asked again: “What kind of livelihood does your Beggar Gang do?”

Nanshan answered truthfully: “The main business of the gang is to pretend to be beggars and beg everywhere.”

Charlie asked: “You all wear gold and silver, why do you pretend to be beggars and beg?”

Nanshan said: “Because the money is the fastest in this way, we only need to send people out and lie down and sell badly in various crowded places, and we can have a high income.”

Charlie asked: “Then why do you abduct so many children?”

Nanshan said: “Because when begging, if you bring a child with you, you can double the alms, even several times…”

Charlie continued to ask, “Then why do you make good children disabled?”

Nanshan shuddered and said: “Children with disabilities are more able to arouse others’ compassion. According to our experience, it is the easiest to make money with children with disabilities.”

Charlie asked coldly: “Then how many children have you hurt so far?”

Nanshan said nervously: “I haven’t counted this, but there should be three digits.”

Charlie continued to ask: “Who is behind you to support you in doing such a thing, and who is your backer?”

Nanshan said: “My patrons are my sister and brother-in-law.”

Charlie asked: “What are the names of your sister and brother-in-law, and what do they do?”

Nanshan honestly said: “My sister’s name is Yaqina. She has no job and is a full-time housewife. My brother-in-law is Regnar. He is the heir of the Wu family in the city.”

Charlie asked coldly: “In other words, the reason why you dare to do this kind of conscience is completely because you have Regnar behind your back, isn’t it?”

Nanshan hesitated for a while, but he nodded obediently and said, “Yes, the Beggars develop to this day relying on my brother-in-law to help. It was him who came forward to support me, so no one dared to fight against me.”

Charlie asked again: “Does he know what you depend on for a living? Does he know that you poisoned so many minors?”

Nanshan nodded: “He knows, he knows all, and my sister also knows…”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction.

With this video, as long as it is released, the reputation of the Wu family will be greatly affected.

They will be angrily condemned by countless netizens across the country.

At that time, it would be impossible for the Wu family to be able to do a PR.

What Charlie wanted was to make the Wu family suffer!

For this matter, the Wu family is the culprit behind it!

If it weren’t for the Wu family’s help and abuse, helping this Nanshan all the way, forming a gang of beggars, and growing stronger, then he wouldn’t have the opportunity to poison so many children!