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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1032 Free Novel

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Nanshan angrily scolded: “You have to kill Nanshan’s son to survive! Now you still want to use daughter as a shield, do you think I will be fooled by you! You b*tch, how come I didn’t see that you are such a dog that is greedy for life and fears death, and betrays your husband to live alone at a critical moment!”

Kaili did not expect that her husband would scold her bloody at this time.

It is true that she really wants to live, but what she said is not unreasonable. In this case, whether she choose to die or choose to live, it is impossible to keep the child in her stomach. In this case, the couple can live. One, isn’t it much better than two deaths?

So, she asked Nanshan: “Let’s be a husband and wife. When you pleaded for me just now, you asked this eldest brother to let me go, but you heard that after the child can’t stay, do you want me to die with you? Is the only reason I live is to give birth to your child?”

Nanshan blurted out: “I pleaded entirely because of the child in your stomach. If there is no child in your stomach, why should I die and you not? Why can’t it be you and me?! No matter how bad it is, we have to die together. Companions of the Death Road!”

Kaili looked at him in shock, and said angrily: “Well, Nanshan, how come I haven’t noticed that you are such a thing! A couple with you, at the critical moment you actually want to take me to your funeral!”

After speaking, she immediately looked at Charlie: “Big brother, I will listen to your instructions. I can go and kill the child now, as long as you spare my life!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said, “Yes, since you are so enlightened, then I will spare you not to die, and now I will arrange for someone to take you to the hospital!”

Kaili was so excited, she knelt on the ground and knocked Charlie a dozen heads.

At this moment, Nanshan next to her was already hysterical!

While Kaili was not paying attention, he suddenly rushed up, pinched her neck tightly, pressed her to the ground, and looked at her with gritted teeth: “You unfaithful dog woman, die for me!”

Seeing Kaili had been pinched by her and rolled her eyes, Issac hurriedly asked him: “Mr. Wade do you want to make a move? If you don’t make a move, this woman will die.”

Charlie said lightly: “Old Issac, remember what I just said, I will not kill a pregnant woman!”

Issac suddenly realized!

The young master did say that he would not kill a pregnant woman.

However, if this Nanshan killed the pregnant wife himself, then no one else could be blamed.

Sure enough, within a minute, Kaili had stopped her heartbeat and breathing.

After Nanshan strangled her to death, he couldn’t get rid of his hatred, and gritted his teeth and cursed: “This btch, wanted to live alone? Go ahead and wait for me! When you are dying, you can pull a back cushion, and it is worth the fck. Now!”

Charlie sneered. This Kaili was a kowloon sergeant of the entire gang of beggars. Don’t think she was a woman, but she might have done no less evil than others.

Therefore, if he were to let her live, Charlie would also feel very sick.

But there is no way. People always have to have principles. This group of dogs has no principles, so they have done so many unconscientious things, but they can’t, at least they can’t kill a pregnant woman by themselves.

It’s alright now, Nanshan helped him solve this problem, at least he would not feel sick because Kaili was still alive in this world!