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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1026 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1026 Start

He panicked and said: “What are you going to do? My daughter is innocent! Don’t involve her!”

The man in black sneered: “How many babies and children in your beggar gang have been kidnapped by you, aren’t they innocent? Isn’t your Nanshan’s child a human, and other people’s children are not humans?”

Nanshan was shocked!

Before he and his wife could recover, they were forcibly taken into the helicopter by the man in black.

They were taken on the helicopter along with their daughter.

One of the men in black directly took out a syringe and gave Nanshan’s daughter a tranquilizer.

This shot of tranquilizer can give Nanshan’s daughter at least another 10 hours of sleep.

Afterwards, the plane quickly climbed and flew towards the bridge where Charlie was.


At this moment, above the bridge.

Liu Zhaochen’s family of six is ​​almost shocked.

Jiang Ming had already fainted a few times with fright, and regained consciousness.

The elder of the Beggar Gang, who was responsible for buying and selling people, was already on the way here. Issac’s subordinates were already on the bridge and had no nets. As long as this person appeared, he would be immediately controlled.

Liu Zhaochen knelt in front of Charlie at this time. The blood that had been kowtow before, had formed blood scabs, making him look terrible.

But his expression was full of horror. He looked at Charlie and begged: “Brother, if the elder beggar comes over later, please let us go! We will definitely reform in the future. , Never do this kind of unconscientious thing again!”

Charlie sneered and said: “If you really have a long memory, when you make a pirated CD and your right hand is cut off, you will already have a long memory. Others have worked so hard to make a movie and prepare to be shown in the theater to earn the box office. , To recover the cost, and as a result, you stupid stole the fruits of other people’s labor directly. If you are a pirated rubbish, brazen stupid, you should have no place to bury the whole family! I didn’t expect you to be a pirate. You even hit the child with the idea, you are adding sin to sin!”

Liu Zhaochen burst into tears. He raised his severed right hand and begged: “Brother, I do piracy is really not something, really d*mn it, I have already paid the price! You see, I lost my right hand when I was young It’s not easy for me to live the past few years!”

Charlie said coldly: “Your right hand is just the price you paid for piracy. Now you have to pay the price for kidnapping and stealing children!”

Liu Zhaochen cried and said, “Brother, why don’t you take one of my legs, take one of my legs, I will definitely be a good person in my life!”

Charlie smiled and said: “You are quite good at discussing with others. It is not impossible to abandon your leg, but you have stolen 10 children in total. For each child, I abandon your leg. You have ten legs for me. ?”

Liu Zhaochen was stunned.

Seeing Charlie’s face full of solemnity, as if he was about to kill him today, he said in a flustered heart: “Brother, although I don’t have ten legs, there are seven of us! Seven people, that is fourteen legs. what……”

Charlie smiled and said: “You are quite good at doing arithmetic problems, but this kind of thing cannot be offset by the seven of you, because the results you seven have to face are exactly the same.”

Just as he was talking, a heavy forklift drove over from the bridge head with a Mercedes-Benz S-Class directly on the fork!

Issac’s voice came from the intercom: “The young master, the elder of the beggar gang has been brought over. It is in the Mercedes-Benz sedan. The car is bulletproof. He is unwilling to get out of the car, so I just let him be forked!”