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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1025 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1025 Start

Nanshan drove his Rolls Royce at this time, with his two-month pregnant wife sitting in the co-pilot and his 6-year-old daughter in the back seat.

A family of three drove back to their villa and the journey went smoothly.

Rolls-Royce drove into the garage and stopped. Nanshan pushed the door to get out of the car. Then, Kaili beside him also opened the door.

Their daughters was already asleep in the back seat.

Kaili said to Nanshan: “Husband, you hug your girl, put on a dress for her, don’t let her catch a cold.”

Nanshan nodded, and after getting out of the car, he reached out and opened the door of the rear seat.

At this moment, a few men in black suddenly rushed out around him. Each of them held a gun in hand. As soon as they appeared, they pointed their guns directly at the foreheads of the couple. One of them gave a cold voice. Said: “Nanshan, our young master wants to see you, you husband and wife, come with us!”

Nanshan was taken aback by the battle in front of him.

He really didn’t expect that someone in Suzhou would dare to provoke him.

He’s not only the leader of the beggar gang, but also a relative of the Wu family, and Regnar’s brother-in-law. In Suzhou, who should not give him a bit of face?

Don’t talk about targeting him, even if they see him, they all have to nod and bow, kneel and lick him like a dog.

So he asked angrily: “What do those few eyesight things do? Do you know who my brother-in-law is?”

One of the people in black disdainfully said, “Isn’t your brother-in-law Regnar?”

Nanshan reprimanded: “Knowing that my brother-in-law is Regnar, if you dare to provoke me, you are all f*cking impatient, right? Believe my brother-in-law, a word can make you dead?”

The man in black sneered: “Nanshan, you take your brother-in-law too seriously. In the eyes of our young master, Regnar is indistinguishable from a dog. The reason for leaving this dog is Regnar. Fate, he just want him to jump for two more days and have fun with him!”

“You…” Nanshan was a little panicked now.

He really didn’t expect that the other party would not pay attention to his brother-in-law at all. In Suzhou, no one had such courage.

But these people in black know that they are Regnar’s brother-in-law, and they have to use a knife to hijack him. It seems that they are not good!

So he asked nervously: “Who are you? Who is your young master? Have I provoke your young master?”

The black man said: “Who is our young master? You will know when you come with us.”

After that, he pointed his gun at Kaili and said coldly: “And you, one of the nine elders of the Beggars, right? Come with us too!”

At this time, several people in black put their guns at them and led them out of the garage.

At the same time, a helicopter has slowly landed in the courtyard of Nanshan’s villa.

Nanshan felt even more flustered when he saw that the other party was with a helicopter to kidnap him.

This situation can be seen at a glance that those who come are not good.

At this time, he found a man in black and walked out holding his sleeping daughter.