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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1023 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1023 Start

Yaqina, Regnar’s wife, is a standard demon of helping his brother.

With her identity and her family background, it would have been impossible for her to enter the gate of Wu’s house.

But the reason why Regnar married her into the Wu family was entirely because Regnar really loved her.

After marrying into the Wu family, Yaqina began to do everything possible to help her brother Nanshan.

Nanshan didn’t have any abilities, he didn’t read well, and his ability was not good enough. When he was young, he took a lot of money from Yaqina to do business, but he was basically defeated by him.

There was no other way, Yaqina went to beg her husband, hoping that her husband could give her brother a little bit from the Wu family’s business, which would be regarded as a way to help his brother.

Although Regnar didn’t look down on Nanshan, he still helped him several times because of his wife’s face.

However, Nanshan is very ignorant of good and bad, and he is not capable of it. When others lead him to make money, he has to make some tricks from it. Finally, Regnar is tired of him, and he simply doesn’t bother to take him.

However, Yaqina didn’t want her brother to be mediocre all her life. Seeing that her brother didn’t have much real ability, but he still had the ability to fight hard, he guided his brother to the gray industry.

After all, Nanshan is Regnar’s brother-in-law, and the entire Wu family has a very strong influence in the south, so there is this relationship. He went out to make a profit, and everyone must give face.

After fishing for a few years, Nanshan explored the business of the Beggar Gang.

To say it is a “gang of beggars” is actually borrowing someone’s name from martial arts novels. What they do is not a matter of acting for the country and the people. They are just organizing a large group of fake beggars to pretend to be beggars and swindle.

Moreover, there are often conflicts between the gang of beggars.

For example, the bus stations, railway stations, and commercial streets with the most crowded traffic are the favorite prime locations of the Beggar Gang. If you can set up a stall here, you will definitely make a lot of money in a day.

However, for the beggars in a city, there are tens of thousands of beggars who are true or false, and it is naturally impossible for them to gather in these golden locations.

Therefore, fighting fiercely with other gangs of beggars, forming cliques, and looting territory in daily life have become the most important thing besides begging.

Because of the big tree of the Wu family, Nanshan developed quickly in the cause of the Beggar Gang.

If any beggar dared to fight against him, he would immediately be trampled. If he couldn’t step on it, he would beg his sister and ask his sister to ask his brother-in-law, Regnar, to help.

After all, Regnar is also the heir of the top big family. He naturally doesn’t look down on this kind of gray business, and of course he doesn’t want to interfere.

But he couldn’t hold back his wife blowing the pillow breeze in his ears every day, and acted like a baby at every turn, or brushed up his temper or pretended to be wronged. Then he had nothing to do.