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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1022 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1022 Start

When the other party heard him say that the car was broken, he immediately said he was not reliable.

Liu Zhaochen could only say in a low tone: “Elder, the car I built is quite old. I’m really embarrassed, but I’m only a few tens of kilometers away from Suzhou. It’s not far, so please come and pick it up. Come on.”

Then the other party cursed and said: “If it wasn’t for seeing that you sent more goods this time, I would just ignore you.”

After speaking, the other party said again: “Send your location to WeChat, and I will come here.”


At this moment, the beggar gang leader Nanshan and his wife Kaili had just walked out of Wu’s villa with their daughter.

Today at noon, it is the birthday of Nanshan’s sister, Regnar’s wife Yaqina.

In the past, Yaqina had to organize a special birthday party, but this year, considering the special situation of her son Wu Qi, she chose to stay at home and simply prepared a lunch.

No guests were invited to this banquet. Apart from family, she only invited younger brother and younger siblings, as well as her younger niece.

After such a long time, Wu Qi is still the same, taking a meal every hour.

So in this banquet, Wu Qi disappeared for about 20 minutes. Everyone knew that he was going to add a meal, but everyone at the dinner table was embarrassed to say it.

After the birthday party, Nanshan’s family of three was ready to go home.

His sister Yaqina sent them to the parking lot of the villa.

Seeing that there was no one else around, Nanshan asked his sister: “Sister, is Wu Qi’s situation still not getting better?”

“No.” Yaqina said with a sad face: “A lot of experts have come to visit during this period, but there is no result. They have no good way.”

Nanshan couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Sister, I think my brother-in-law has some problems with his mood and emotions recently.”

Yaqina said depressed: “The last time your brother-in-law took Roger to Aurous Hill, he suffered a big loss in the hands of the Wade family, and was humiliated by an unknown man from Aurous Hill. Haven’t you seen Roger’s arm still in a cast? He was injured in Aurous Hill.”

Nanshan said angrily: “What kid did this way? Sister, do you want me to take some brothers and kill that kid? Now the power of the beggars is stronger again. There are 10,000 registered gang members alone. There are many people. During this period of time, I am preparing to annex the beggars from the surrounding provinces one by one. By that time, my beggars may have more than 50,000 people!”

Yaqina said: “Your brother-in-law is already planning the matter in Aurous Hill, so you don’t need to bother.”

After that, she looked at her younger sibling Kaili and said to her younger brother: “You have to take care of Kaili during this period. Two months of pregnancy is the most dangerous time. Don’t let the fetus have any problems.”

Nanshan said immediately: “Sister, don’t worry, I will take care of her.”

Yaqina said to her younger sibling Kaili: “Kelly, you have just gotten pregnant. Don’t interfere with the beggars’ affairs for the time being. Have your baby at home and get a b-ultrasound in two months to see if it is a male or a female.”

Kaili nodded hurriedly and said respectfully: “Okay sister, I see to it, don’t worry.”

Yaqina couldn’t help but sighed and said with emotion: “Our Xue family, the biggest problem is that the population is not thriving enough. My parents left early and only gave birth to two children. Only the son of Nanshan, you and Nanshan are now There is only Tongtong a daughter. He said that everything has to be given to a son quickly, and it is not enough to have one. While he is young, he must have at least two sons to continue the incense for the Xue family.”

Kaili hurriedly said: “Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely inherit the Xue family!”