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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1017 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1017 Start

At this time, Charlie directly turned on the PA system on the helicopter, and said loudly: “Listen the people in the car, you are already surrounded, immediately put down all resistance to surrender, otherwise, get kill!”

The sound of Charlie frightened the 7 people in the Iveco car.

Liu Zhaochen collapsed, because he felt that even if he killed and set fire, he wouldn’t use such a big battle to catch him, right?

At this moment, his family was so scared that they were so scared that they were still thinking that after they got the money, they would go to the Maldives for a holiday, but they didn’t expect to be completely covered by such a net.

Jiang Ming was even more panicked.

He is almost regretting death at this moment!

Not only regret, but more panic.

But at this time, he suddenly came back to his senses, and felt that the sound of the call on the helicopter just now was so familiar?

But he didn’t hear it for a while, this voice was Charlie’s voice.

So he panicked and asked Liu Zhaochen: “What should we do now? This group of people have guns. Now even the roof of the car has been cut off. What if they shoot us?”

Liu Zhaochen’s elder sister wailed in fright: “Brother, we won’t die here today, right? Your elder sister hasn’t lived enough yet, your elder sister is still young, your elder sister hasn’t been married yet!”

“What are you yelling about?! I’m not married either!” Liu Zhaochen was afraid and confused in his heart. Hearing his sister crying and making noise, his heart was even more irritable.

Charlie looked down at these 7 people from the helicopter and found that they were not doing anything. He was immediately angry and said coldly: “I will give you three seconds to get off the car, otherwise you will have to pay the price!”

As soon as the voice fell, he immediately started timing.


Ivecury, Liu Zhaochen’s mother cried bitterly: “Zhaochen, let’s get out of the car quickly, otherwise I’m really afraid that these people will attack us!”

Liu Zhaochen hesitated.

If they don’t get out of the car, they might be able to kidnap a few children and use children’s lives to threaten the other party to let them go.

But if they get out of the car, isn’t it just being slaughtered?


Liu Zhaochen’s sister hurriedly said: “Zhaochen, you have to say something!”


After Charlie finished counting three times, seeing that none of the seven people moved, he immediately said to Issac: “Notify the sniper and kill the driver!”

“OK Master!”

Issac immediately passed the walkie-talkie and gave an order in a cold voice: “The sniper immediately looks for a suitable opportunity, kills the driver first, and fights for a shot!”

The intercom system immediately received a reply from the snipers:

“The sight of Sniper No. 1 is blocked.”

“The sight of Sniper No. 2 is blocked.”

“Sniper No. 3 has an unobstructed sight and has locked on the target! The kill probability is 80!”

“Sniper No. 4 is unobstructed and has locked the target! The kill probability is 95!”

Issac immediately ordered: “Sniper No. 4 listens to my orders and shoots!”

At this moment, the former special soldier hanging outside the door of a helicopter on the right immediately pulled the trigger.

With a bang.

The sniper rifle burst out with a tongue of flame, and then the bullet shot out from the muzzle at a rapid speed.

The next moment, Liu Zhaochen, who was sitting in the driving seat of Iveco, was so nervous that he did not know what to do, he was suddenly headshot!

No one expected that a person who was intact in the last second would burst out a bloody mist on his head in the next second…