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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1016 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1016 Start

At this moment, the sound of a helicopter roaring from outside suddenly came.

Because the movement of the helicopter was too loud, and the sound was too recognizable, the entire vehicle became more panicked.

Jiang Ming panicked and asked: “What’s the matter? How come there are helicopters? Who are these people?”

Liu Zhaochen’s father drew a gap in the curtain and looked up to the sky, and immediately saw several helicopters lined up.

He was so scared that he said, “There are several helicopters in the sky. Even if the police arrest people, they don’t know how to use helicopters. Are we offending some big people?”

As they were talking, everyone heard the sound of the helicopter, and it was already overhead!

Charlie was sitting in one of the helicopters, looking down at the scene on the bridge.

The entire bridge has been broken by large vehicles. In the middle of the bridge, a dozen large vehicles surrounded the Iveco.

Traffickers and children are in this car.

Issac said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade many of my people are from special forces. Some of them have a way to kill all these people!”

Charlie said coldly: “Don’t be anxious to kill, keep them alive.”

“Good!” Issac said: “Then I will let them control these [email protected] first!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Do it now!”

Issac immediately gave an order, and one of the helicopters descended and hovered on top of the Iveco.

Immediately after four ropes were thrown on both sides of the helicopter, four former special forces in black immediately descended from the ropes.

They were very professional. They were hung on the four corners of the Iveco car roof. Then they took out the portable cutting machine and started cutting the iron sheet of the car roof at the fastest speed.

This white Iveco itself is not a special vehicle. The iron sheet on the roof is very easy to cut.

In the blink of an eye, the entire roof was cut off!

The people in the car were already shocked. They looked at the roof of the car which was gradually cut open. There was no good way at all.

At this time, the helicopter hovering over their heads began to slowly rise, and the four former special forces each used a special suction cup to firmly hold the four corners of the roof.

With the ascent of the helicopter, this Iveco was uncovered directly!

At this time, not only Charlie on the helicopter, but also the situation in the car, even Jiang Ming in the car and Liu Zhaochen’s family saw the magnificent scene of several helicopters hovering in the sky at the same time.

Except for the helicopter that cut the roof of their car, on both sides of the remaining helicopters are ex-special forces armed with automatic rifles. They are like the Marines in Operation Red Sea. The target was tightly locked on the 7 people in the car, ensuring that as long as anyone dared to hurt the child, they would immediately kill him.

For a top family like the Wade family with a net worth of trillions, their ability to protect themselves is far beyond the recognition of ordinary people.

Special forces, automatic rifles, and helicopters are just drizzle. With the influence of the Wade family, even if armored vehicles are called, it is not a big problem!

This is the confidence of the real top family!

Today, using such a big battle to solve a few human traffickers can be said to be fighting mosquitoes with anti-aircraft guns.

But Charlie didn’t feel wasted at all, for this kind of sc*m would have to use the most powerful means to destroy them all at once!