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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1012 Free Novel

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In desperation, he could only find Liu Zhaochen, a fox friend and dog friend he had known before. Originally, he wanted to borrow 300,000 from him for emergency assistance, but Liu Zhaochen was also short of money during this time.

Liu Zhaochen complained to him that the police have been working too hard in cracking down on human trafficking recently, and a family of six is ​​almost out of food.

Liu Zhaochen also told him that he is now looking for suitable children everywhere to sell to the south. Now the price is high. If found resources, they can make a lot of money.

When Jiang Ming thought that there were a lot of infants and young children in the orphanage recently, he immediately got confused.

He told Liu Zhaochen of this information and suggested that the two parties cooperate to steal a group of children from the orphanage and sell them.

Liu Zhaochen was worried about where to find a child. When he heard that there were many orphanages, his heart was ecstatic, and his thoughts were suddenly moved.

Jiang Ming knows well about the orphanage. He knows that the orphanage has many loopholes because of its current condition due to years of disrepair, inadequate funding, insufficient staff, and inability to keep up with security facilities. As long as those familiar with the process can find a breakthrough.

So he immediately took the lead and worked out a more detailed plan.

As soon as Liu Zhaochen saw the feasibility of this sentence, he immediately brought in the family of six.

Jiang Ming was very dissatisfied with the participation of Liu Zhaochen’s family of six, because he knew that the reason why the other party called so many people was because he wanted to pay more.

If he only did this with Liu Zhaochen, the ten children will sell for more than 1 million by then, and each of the two will be able to divide between 60,000 and 700,000.

As a result, Liu Zhaochen brought in another five members of the family and immediately diluted his share.

This shameless Liu Zhaochen, who was shamelessly trying to divide his head evenly, would be divided into 7 parts, and he would only have 200,000 at most.

Jiang Ming fought hard with Liu Zhaochen, and finally decided on a distribution method. Jiang Ming got 400,000, and the rest went to Liu Zhaochen’s family.

Suddenly losing 300,000 of income, Jiang Ming was naturally very depressed.

But he didn’t have any good solutions, because if the other party had to leave him alone, he would be finished.

In desperation, he could only suffer from this dumb loss.

At this time, Liu Zhaochen looked at the map, and then at the time, and said: “We will be in Suzhou soon. After we arrive, we will come to pick up the goods at the next house. We can rush back when we take the money. We should go back before dark. I can rush back.”

Liu Zhaochen’s sister said excitedly: “Oh, I just want to go to the Maldives as soon as possible!”

As she said, she took out her mobile phone and said, “I’m going to find videos and guides of Maldives on YouTube to see which island to go to have fun!”

Immediately, she turned on YouTube. Unexpectedly, the first screen video after opening was the news about the loss of children in the orphanage!

This news video has only been released for two or three hours, and it has more than 5 million likes and more than 300,000 comments.

She tightened her heart, and when she opened the comment, she was shocked.

Because all the comments in the comments demanded the execution of the trafficker, the killing of the trafficker’s family, and so on!

She subconsciously said: “Oh, that’s bad, this matter has already hit the headlines! It seems that netizens all over the country are paying attention to it! Are we doing something big?”

“What are you afraid of!” Liu Zhaochen said indifferently: “There is no substantial difference between stealing one and stealing ten. Besides, I’m careful along the way. No clues are left. No one can find us. It is impossible to doubt us!”

As he said, he said triumphantly: “You can rest assured! When they can’t find us after a while, the attention of netizens will be immediately attracted by other news, and after a while, we will be forgotten.!”