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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1011 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1011 Start

At this moment, on the Iveco deck, the seven adults in the car did not even know that a net of heaven and earth had already covered them.

In addition to these seven adults, there are ten sleeping children in the car. These children have been given sleeping pills in the early morning and have not yet woken up.

In the co-pilot, there was a young man without a right hand. This young man was Liu Zhaochen.

At this time, Liu Zhaochen looked excited and said to his elder brother who was driving: “Brother, if this transaction is completed, it will be a million in money!”

His brother asked in surprise: “Are children so expensive now? Didn’t you say that they only cost tens of thousands?”

Liu Zhaochen said: “Isn’t there a wave of blows some time ago, the Beggars of Zhejiang Province are now in shortage of children, so the price has risen.”

His brother smiled and said, “Then let’s post this time!”

Liu Zhaochen nodded and said cheerfully: “When this transaction is completed, our family will find a place for vacation.”

Inside Iveco’s spacious carriage, Liu Zhaochen’s mother said with a smile: “Oh, this wave of money is over, I really want to go abroad for a while, the daughter-in-law next door, went to Thailand some time ago. When I go there, I want to swipe my friends circle all day long, and after I come back, I still have a lot of fun. This time when we get the money, let’s go!”

Liu Zhaochen laughed and said: “What’s so fun about Thailand? Thailand is where the poor go. It costs two or three thousand to play with a tour group. If we want to go, we will go to a high-end place.”

“High-end place?” Liu Zhaochen’s mother asked excitedly: “Good son, you can tell me something is more advanced. Mom has never seen anything in the world, so I can’t think of it for a while.”

Liu Zhaochen blurted out: “Of course I went to the Maldives, that’s a good place for the really rich to go on vacation!”

Liu Zhaochen’s sister applauded happily: “Maldives? Great, I’ve long wanted to go to Maldives, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time!”

Then, she said again: “I’m going to the Maldives to live in that kind of water villa, luxurious to death! It must be so cool to live!”

Liu Zhaochen smiled and said, “Sister, when we get the money, we’ll buy a plane ticket immediately!”

A family of six began to look forward to the upcoming trip to the Maldives in their hearts.

Liu Zhaochen turned around and looked at the man sitting in the back rows.

This man was also the seventh adult in the car besides Liu Zhaochen’s family of six.

Liu Zhaochen looked at the seventh person and said with a smile: “Hey, Jiang Ming, you can divide 400,000 this time with the money. Have you thought about what to do after you get the money?”

Jiang Ming ignored him because Jiang Ming was very depressed at this time.

Last night, after he returned home from Zhao Zhuo’s company dormitory, a few young and Dangerous boys came to his door with knives.

The young and Dangerous boys knocked on his door, put the knife on his neck, and warned him that he must send the compensation to Abner Phaeton as soon as possible, otherwise, he would be killed directly.

Jiang Ming was so frightened.

He found a friend who was a second-hand car dealer and evaluated his car and the Phaeton, and found that even if he used all the insurance costs, he still had a funding gap of more than 1 million.

And his Mercedes-Benz, because it has had an accident, can only sell for about 300,000.

Even if he sell the Mercedes-Benz himself, there is still a funding gap of more than 900,000.

Zhao Zhuo solved 620,000 for him, but he still missed 300,000.