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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1010 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1010 Start

Countless happy families have been completely destroyed because of this gang of human abductors!

The most hateful thing is that after these traffickers abduct the children, it would be better to sell them to normal families who want children, at least the children’s lives will not be too threatened.

But if these godsend beasts deliberately disabled the child and used them to beg for money, wouldn’t the child’s life be completely ruined? !

Therefore, at this moment, the hearts of the people across the country are closely concerned about these 10 children who were trafficked.

At this time, Charlie just wanted to save the children as soon as possible! When he reached the top floor of the building, a helicopter had roared from the sky far away.

At this time, Mr. Orvel also sent an address to his WeChat, telling him: “Mr. Wade, that Liu Zhaochen is now out of the province, but their cars are afraid to go high speeds, they are all down the road, so now drove less than 400 kilometers.”

Charlie checked the address and found that the other party was heading south with the child from the orphanage, and was now in the Province, next door.

At this time, the helicopter slowly descended from the top of JH Building, but before it touched the ground, Issac had already opened the door. Charlie jumped up and said directly to him: “Let the pilot take off immediately and go to address at full speed. Let the other helicopters head in the same direction!”

“OK, young master!” Issac immediately informed the pilot of the specific location through the earmuff intercom.

Afterwards, Issac asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade please forgive me. You are suddenly so anxious. What’s the matter?”

Charlie said with a black face, “This morning, a family of six traffickers stole 10 children from the orphanage!”

“f*ck!” Issac suddenly exclaimed: “What kind of [email protected] are this family, and they also do such sorrowful things!”

Charlie said coldly: “Among the four words “knock and abduction”, what I hate the most is abduction. When I was a child, I grew up in an orphanage and I saw many children who were rescued after being abducted. There are too many children, and every child has sold several hands. Even if the police rescued many children, it would be difficult for them to find their families, so they became orphans who were not actually meant to be orphans.”

Issac said immediately: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I brought my best men and horses this time. Everyone is a good soldier and strong general. After catching them, they will surely crush these [email protected]!”

Charlie said: “Not only do I want to smash them into pieces, but I also want to smash them all up and down, their accomplices, and colleagues!”

After all, Charlie asked, “Does the Wade family have power in Zhejiang Province?”

Issac nodded and said: “The family’s influence in Zhejiang Province is also very strong, but the family has always been relatively low-key. Just like I was in Aurous Hill, I generally do not participate in the management of disputes between local rich, families and gangs. If the locals do not follow the rules, then I can move them anytime, anywhere.”

Charlie suddenly remembered something and asked: “The Wu family’s base camp is in Suzhou. Suzhou are the capital of Zhejiang Province. They must be the local snakes of Zhejiang Province, right?”

“Yes.” Issac said: “The Wu family is the largest family in the south of the Yangtze River. They have cultivated Jiangsu and Hangzhou for many years, so their strength in Zhejiang Province is really extraordinary.”

After finishing speaking, Issac added: “However, this is extraordinary for ordinary people. To the Wade family, they are just little friends.”

Charlie nodded, his face gloomy.

Issac thought of the Wu family, and said, “Mr. Wade the Wu family was looking for your enemy some time ago. You must pay attention to this matter. Since you don’t need your family to help you, then do you need me to send you Some bodyguards to protect your safety at all times?”

Charlie waved his hand slightly, his heart was full of disdain for the Wu family, Issac still didn’t know his strength, judging from his current strength, no one could hurt him at all.