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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1009 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1009 Start

When Issac heard Charlie’s tone, he knew Charlie must be angry.

So, he almost didn’t even think about it, and immediately said: “Mr. Wade I will arrange it now!”

After that, he hurriedly asked: “By the way, Mr. Wade I will take a helicopter to pick you up right now. Should I come directly to the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute?”

Charlie didn’t want people to know how much energy he had, so he asked, “Is there any place suitable for helicopter landing near the orphanage?”

Issac thought for a while and said, “There seems to be a building nearby called JH Building. There is a helipad on the top of the building. Or you can go there now, I will also set off now, and will be there soon!”

“Okay!” Charlie said immediately: “Then you come faster.”

“I understand Master!”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie said to Aunt Lena and the others: “Aunt Lena, Xiaofen, I have a friend who may help me find some clues. I will go and find him now. Please wait patiently for my news, don’t worry.”

Xiaofen hurriedly said, “Brother Charlie, I want to come with you, okay?”

Charlie said: “Xiaofen, you can stay here with Aunt Lena, just leave this to me.”

Only then did Xiaofen nod his head, and said obediently: “Good Brother Charlie, and Aunt Lena are here waiting for your good news, you must get your brothers and sisters back!”

Charlie resolutely said: “Don’t worry, I will bring them back safely!”

After all, he immediately left the orphanage and went to the nearby JH Building.


At the same time, the police issued a detective report to the whole society through various media. Suddenly, the fact that ten babies in the welfare home were stolen by human traffickers was quickly spread to the Internet and the entire Internet.

On many news platforms, this information has been topped the top search list.

It was also pushed on the screen, letting people across the country see this news.

In the past, a news about kidnapping on the street would be paid attention to by people all over the country, and even hit various headlines.

And now there are some traffickers who are bold enough to steal children from the orphanage! And one steal is 10!

This is simply unheard of astupidl behavior! Let everyone smell it with extreme indignation!

For a time, countless netizens across the country were filled with outrage, scolding, scolding, commenting, and forwarding on the Internet, and the search volume has been high!

You must know that in recent years, human traffickers have become too rampant. I don’t know how many families have broken their homes because their children were stolen or abducted by human traffickers.

In any family, children are the treasures in the hearts of parents. If this baby is stolen, abducted and bought, the parents will even lose the hope and motivation to live!