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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1007 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1007 Start

Thinking of this, Charlie called Mr. Orvel.

After all, Mr. Orvel is the underground emperor of Aurous Hill, and his eye is much more than ordinary people.

As soon as the call was connected, Orvel asked respectfully: “Mr. Wade, what do you want?”

Charlie said: “There are 10 two or three-year-old children in the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute. They were stolen by traffickers last night. You have been underground in Aurous Hill for a long time. Please help me to investigate if anyone has recently made noise about buying children. Or is anyone inquiring about the child everywhere.”

Many cases can be solved, not necessarily because of the supernatural powers of the investigators, or what kind of high-tech assistance they have, but because the criminals left key clues in his unique group.

For example, if a person is killed, the police will start by confirming the identity of the corpse. But people in the arena know who the person has offended and what kind of things he has been involved in. The probability is that Who killed, can be found.

For another example, if someone loses a car in the local area, if they report to the police, the police usually investigate where the car has been. Where did it disappear? Surveillance video shows who has been in contact with this car during this time?

But if you directly ask the people in the underground world, who are the local people who steal the car, or who are the local people who are responsible for selling stolen goods, whoever has seen the car lost is basically accurate.

But the key is that the underground world has very clear rules and rules. Even if an insider wants to get certain information, his ability and status must match this information.

Otherwise, it is impossible to inquire about anything.

For example, a small gangster wants to know what kind of business Mr. Orvel is doing recently, who he has eaten with, and who he has met. It is basically impossible to inquire.

But if Mr. Orvel wants to know what a gangster is up to lately and who he has frequent contact with, his men will help him find out with just one sentence.

Mr. Orvel knew that Charlie had always lived in the orphanage from childhood to adolescence, so he also knew that the children of the orphanage were stolen, Charlie must be very angry.

So he immediately proceeded to investigate.

Ten minutes later, a clue was fed back to Mr. Orvel.

There is a kid named Liu Zhaochen in Aurous Hill. Some time ago, while having a meal with friends on the road, he asked where Aurous Hill could buy children.

Charlie hurriedly asked him: “What is the origin of this Liu Zhaochen?”

Mr. Orvel said: “This kid is a native of Aurous Hill. He has been stealing chickens and dogs since he was young, and his family is also making a living. When he was not an adult, he participated in many illegal and criminal activities for Money, this kid does everything.”

“A few years ago, this kid and his family made some money by pirating movies. They sneaked into the movie theater with a video camera to secretly take pictures of other movies being shown, and then carved them into pirated CDs and sold them out. During that period of time, it was very busy.”

“As a result, a big man invested in a big-produced movie, which was stolen by this kid as soon as it was released. Then the big man asked someone to chop off the kid’s hand. From then on, the kid didn’t dare to pirate the movie. , The family changed their careers and became a snakehead, just reselling the population.”

“His family specializes in reselling underage children, usually to gangs in the south. Sometimes they also rent out a group of underage children to gangs. Some time ago, I heard that the police targeted those underage gangs controlled by the beggars. Adult children have carried out a special rescue operation and rescued a large number of children, so now the beggars have been asking for children everywhere, and he is specifically looking for children for the beggars.”

Charlie asked coldly: “This kid and his family are doing this business?!”

“Yes!” Mr. Orvel said: “A family of six, his father, his mother, his two brothers and one sister, all do this kind of business.”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said: “This kind of garbage is really d*mn!”

After that, he asked again: “Mr. Orvel, do you know where this kid is now? I want to know all his movements in the past two days!”

Mr. Orvel said: “I’m making inquiries, and there must be clues soon!”