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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1006 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1006 Start

Jacob said impatiently: “Two years are too long. That b*tch still doesn’t know that your Aunt is back, but this matter must not be hidden for too long. My thought is that before she knows that your Aunt is back, I want to divorce her first.”

Speaking of this, Jacob was a little depressed and said, “But, you heard what the shrew said yesterday. She said that if I find another woman, she will not let me get better, I’m afraid she will know you Aunt. She’s going to trouble your Aunt. Your Aunt is quiet and dignified, and has a good temper. How could she be the opponent of that shrew.”

Charlie said: “Dad, I really want to help you with this matter, but I am also helpless. You still have to solve this problem yourself for some things.”

In fact, Charlie really wanted to let Elaine evaporate directly from the world. He had this idea the last time this woman stole his bank card.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t bear Claire being sad, otherwise, he would never let Elaine back!

If he didn’t let Elaine come back, then the Old Master’s current life will be extremely enjoyable.

Thinking of this, Charlie said again: “Dad, it’s not that I told you. Your biggest problem is that you are too weak and too scared of her. She only has to say a few words, and you don’t know what to do. People can’t help you solve this problem. If you want to solve this problem, you can only rely on yourself.”

Jacob sighed and said, “I understand what you said, but some things will form a psychological shadow, and it is difficult for me to overcome in your heart.”

Charlie said: “Then I can’t help, Dad, Aunt finally came back. If you let her know, she will probably fight Aunt to get rid of her. She will never give up unless Aunt is driven out of Aurous Hill. At that time, you have to think about what to do.”

When Jacob heard this, he snorted in his heart.

What he fears most is the occurrence of this scene.

If Elaine really knew that Meiqing is back, she would definitely go to trouble Meiqing, and she would never die!

Jacob had to sigh: “Think about it. Try to think of a solution.”


Jacob sent Charlie to the orphanage, and he went to the Calligraphy and Painting Association to hold an appreciation meeting with others.

When Charlie got out of the car, he saw Xiaofen just waiting at the door. The little girl ran to him when she saw that he was coming.

“Brother Charlie!” Xiaofen cried out with a choked voice, then plunged into Charlie’s arms, crying and said: “Brother Charlie, think of a solution quickly, I’m really afraid that those younger brothers and sisters will never again can be found…”

Charlie patted her back lightly and said seriously: “Don’t worry, I will definitely go all out. Is Aunt Lena back now? Are there any new clues?”

Xiaofen shook her head with red eyes and said, “Aunt Lena and the others haven’t come back. I don’t know if there is any progress.”

As she was talking, a taxi stopped at the entrance of the orphanage.

Aunt Lena and the director of the orphanage walked out of the taxi.

Charlie hurriedly pulled Xiaofen to greet them, and asked, “Aunt Lena, what did the police say, is there any clue?”

Seeing Charlie’s arrival, Aunt Lena smiled bitterly, and said: “The police station has opened a case. They are starting from the monitor, but the only clue that can be found now is that they are driving a white Ivek and committing a crime. There should be six or seven of the elements. After they fainted the children, they all got in the car and were out of the city.”

Charlie asked hurriedly, “Has the police station started tracking this car?”

“Chased.” Aunt Lena sighed, and said: “Their car had a license plate, and it disappeared on the high-speed. It is seriously suspected that they have changed other brands on the high-speed. The kind of Iveco itself is our Aurous Hill. The models are very common, and there is no license plate number, so it is difficult to find them.”

Charlie nodded solemnly.

Under this circumstance, it may be difficult to achieve results in a short period of time by relying on the police department’s method of handling cases.

If you want to find criminals in the shortest time, or find information related to criminals, you must find the kind of people who have the underground world information and have great abilities.

They have a large number of eye in all walks of life, so their intelligence is more in-depth than the police!